Friday, May 24, 2024

Little Bits of Joy

They are there, the little things in life that bring moments of joy.

They are like lights in the darkness of difficult times. 

One only has to make a concerted effort to seek them out.


Writing lists of things that bring joy is a good thing to do. 

It helps a person to stay away from negatives since heaven knows there are plenty of those!

Just the other day, with fingers poised above the keys of the computer, a list of joys began.

 Within a few moments, there were 15!

Here is a sampling of  a few things put onto a list-----pink roses in a round crystal vase; delicate, fragrant lilies of the valley placed in a tall, slender vase, a simple gift from my daughter; lots of spring flowers everywhere, stunning with their bright and colorful blooms; nuts and pasta in shiny glass jars; beautiful  dollies that are starting to come out of storage, one by one; charming teacup collection; stained glass pieces in the window that is covered with gorgeous lace curtains; appealing lampshades; delicious coffee; and plump pink pillows.

 The list goes on and on , of course, but you get the idea.


Little bits of joy, written or typed into a list, help make life better.



diane stetson said...

Lovely photos Susan. Love your new blog heading too. I will enjoy smelling my jasmine growing outside my dining room window today.

Red Rose Alley said...

What a wonderful post, Susan. And I enjoyed seeing a little of the things that bring you joy. Some of these things make my heart smile too. I like the idea of putting the nuts in a glass jar. I've been wanting to get some nuts, but they are so expensive at the stores these days. I know hot much you love your dolls, and I'm so glad they are starting to come out of storage for you. Your tea cup collection is so pretty. And as you, know COFFEE is a true joy for me too. I'm sipping on a cup right now, reading my favorite blogs.

love to you today, Susan, and you are such a grateful person.


My Tata's Cottage said...

I love joyful list. So many joyful things that you have shared. I read Sean of the South daily. He talked about a young boy who is a cancer survivor. He said when he went through his treatments his dad told him to write down ten things he was grateful for each day. I am going to get a fresh notebook and write them down daily too. Joyful and Grateful. Beautiful. Thank you Susan

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

You've got a beautiful list started, Susan. So many joyful things to be glad for. It really doesn't take long to make a list once a person gets started. Thank you, Susan, sharing your wonderful 'joy' fillers.

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