Monday, May 27, 2024

Remember Them Always


Memorial Day in the United States is for remembrance.

We remember the soldiers throughout the decades who have lost their lives for their country.

It is a holiday that one really does not feel justified in saying "Happy Memorial Day."

 Yes, we are happy, thrilled really, to be free.

But the price some men and women paid for that freedom---their lives--- deserves immense respect and gratitude.

Did you realize that the origin of Memorial Day's dates all the way back to soldiers of the Civil War?

I hope you cherish this special day and hold, in your hearts, the brave souls who are no longer on earth.

Their bravery and sacrifices live within the hearts of every American citizen.

To our brave heroes, let us say a resounding, "THANK YOU."







1 comment:

diane stetson said...

For some families Memorial Day is every day when they've lost someone in a war. All tributes to the fallen are so touching. God bless them and may they rest in peace.

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