Monday, June 24, 2024

Flowers Are the Language of Love


 Into each life some rain must fall.

That's a familiar phrase, isn't it?

Sometimes it rains very hard.

 That's how it's been this past week as there was a surgery last Monday.

To have a body go through that is anything but easy.

However, each day the body gets a teeny tiny bit better.

While recuperating, it is a great blessing to receive three gorgeous bouquets of flowers, primarily in shades of my favorite pink roses but with stunning lilies, perky daisies, and a few other kinds of flowers included.

They have been sent by dear friends, a sister, and a niece.

Flowers really do speak the language of love.


Shug said...

Flowers truly speak a love language. Hope all is well for you and that your recovery time will be very speedy. Such beautiful flowers that you received....You are loved! Take care!

diane stetson said...

Enjoy those lovely flowers and get well soon Susan.

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