Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Gifts of Mother Nature



A white wicker chair is no longer strong enough to use as seating.

Rather than toss it into a dumpster, I placed it on a narrow grassy strip in front of my apartment.

It makes a perfect resting spot for pretty flowering plants.

Miraculously, the chair survived outside during the past  New England winter with lots of snow and below freezing temperatures.

So this spring, the pretty chair is, once again, a resting place and backdrop for plants.

Right now, a beautiful mint plant from my daughter and a pink geranium dazzle from the white wicker chair perch.

It's a pretty scene to enjoy.


Red Rose Alley said...

That is the most charming white wicker chair, Susan. I really like the design of that. That's smart to use this cute chair for something else. I like the brick on your home too. The mint plant from your daughter sounds delightful. It would be nice to make a cup of tea with it.


**I wanted to mention that on my first DMV post, I have the blue cobalt vase you gave me in my decorating. Not sure if you noticed that. I will always cherish it. It's so pretty. Thanks, again. : )

diane stetson said...

The flowers look lovely in the hanging basket and on the white wicker chair. I have some purple flowers blooming out front and yellow mini roses out back. It's spring and everything is in bloom. I love spring.

Shug said...

You have a beautiful wicker chair and the design is different from so many. I think this is a great way to repurpose the chair and it makes for a charming display. The white color draws the eyes to view the beauty in the flowers. great use of this wicker chair.

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