Friday, October 30, 2009

Life's Little Luxuries

One lesson learned from my life mentors is to surround one's self with objects one loves. It's important to make one's home a place of comfort and beauty. I like to think of my home as a kind of refuge from the world. When I walk in the front door, I'm more than just home. I'm in a place where I can find the people and things I love. That's extremely satisfying and fills my heart with deep gratitude.

For instance, Alexandra Stoddard, one of my life mentors, taught me to always include flowers in my decor. She's a stickler for living bouquets but I use a combination of living and silk flowers. Sometimes it's really impossible to tell whether the flowers are real or artificial. I don't see anything wrong with using both real and silk flowers to decorate.

A friend brought over an eye-catching bouquet I use in the living room. (See picture to the right of this column.) She's a talented floral arranger and her gift could not be more breathtaking.

With all of the above in mind, I've started to include a new little blurb on this blog called Life's Little Luxuries. It will have pictures of some of the small objects used to decorate our home. Some cost very little money, yet bring a lot of joy. Some pictures will show part of my collections such as dolls or stained glass pieces!

I hope, so much, you will enjoy looking at them and maybe get some ideas for your own decorating.



Diane said...

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Susan's collections all look brand new.

Anonymous said...

I love flowers!

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