Saturday, October 31, 2009


The funniest Halloween card I ever saw had a great big hotdog pictured on the front.

Inside, it read, "Happy Halloweenie." It cracked me up. I bought it and sent it to our son.

Like most holidays, I love Halloween. Especially enjoy decorating the house and waiting for the little trick-or-treaters. A scary atmosphere adds to the fun. Usually, we play frightful Halloween music on a cd player in the dining room window. The eerie sounds can be heard in the street.

Some years, when the trick-or-treaters ring the doorbell, the door opens very, very, ssssssssslowly. The inside hallway is completely dark. But all's in fun and I reassure the kids that everything's okay by giving candy and smile.

Today I'm sharing some of the decorations we have around our house this Halloween. Have FUN with this holiday.

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Diane said...

Dear Susan
I have just come home from Sandra's daughter's house and also Sandra's...they are both decorated to the hilt like yours is...very did a fabulous job....xo Diane

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