Sunday, October 18, 2009

Soggy Sunday

Today the rains came. Because it was so dark, gray, and cold, one had to work hard at making one's own sunshine. That's a hard but possible thing to accomplish.

The first thing to do on a gloomy day is turn on all the lights in the kitchen. I flick the switch for the light over the sink, on the counter, and the kitchen light over the table. Instant "sunshine"! Then comes brewing a large cup of coffee. Lately I've been drinking Green Mountain's hazelnut. I first tried it at my daughter's house and loved it. It's quite delicious.

Half-and-half makes any coffee taste better but it's fattening. So, I've been substituting evaporated milk instead. To be honest, I don't know if there's much difference, calorie-wise, but I like to think it's less fattening.

My fave of all faves in coffee, however, is bagged coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I can't wait for the sales around Christmas time when one can buy two pounds for $10 instead of the usual $7.99 a pound. To me, Dunkin Donuts coffee is just the best. (And I don't know anyone in the company.)

It was so dark most of the day today it was hard to tell when dusk arrived. Just switched on the lights in my three front porch pumpkins. They make a happy trio. Got a bunch of Halloween cards today, too. I love to send them to my nieces' children as well as to my own four sisters, my two biological kids, and so on. I still haven't ventured up into the attic to get the rest of the Halloween decorations down and before I know it, the holiday will be here. Then it will be too late to decorate. Better get up those stairs tomorrow.

Speaking of Halloween, I love to look at decorations people put up around their houses. I cracked up laughing the other day when I spotted a front yard filled with fake tombstones. I was driving so was unable to read all of them but I did manage to see one that read, "See? I told you I was sick." That was my chuckle for the morning.

Did some shopping today. Stopped in at Family Dollar to get large packages of Scott toilet tissue and big containers of laundry detergent. Then, zipped into Price Rite to do some more shopping. I think that supermarket has the runaway shopping cart dilemma solved. One has to put in a quarter in order to get one of Price Rite's shopping carts. When all the groceries are purchased and safely put into the trunk of the car, the cart is returned. When you push it into a chain of other carts, you get your quarter back. Smart thinking on the part of the Price Rite managers. There are no runaway carts to bam into your car in that supermarket's parking lot. I think all other supermarkets should follow suit.

Sunday night I always look forward to 8 p.m. That's when one of my favorite shows is on, namely, Joel Osteen. Never in all my life did I think I'd recommend a television preacher, of all people, but Joel Osteen is the pizazz. He has a strong Texas accent and is really good to look at, even if he didn't have a gift of preaching. His messages are always upbeat and inspirational. I have never listened to his program and gone away uninspired. He's a very gifted man of God, or at least he gives that impression. I'm sure he's very rich but he's also humble. That's an almost impossible combination to achieve. Anyway, I almost never miss his show and feel sad when I do.

Well, soggy Sunday is almost over. Hope the forecast of snowfall is dead wrong. Who needs snow in October?

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Diane said...

Well I think snow is on the way whether or not you like it. It snowed in Boston today...but just think later this week it will be back in the 60's and the first snow will be all melted.
Glad you enjoyed your soggy Sunday. The sunshined brightly here today. xo Diane

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