Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Happening

This beautiful autumn day marked one of life's greatest moments, namely, the marriage of two young people whose entire lives are in front of them.

The first throught that ran through my mind when I opened my eyes this morning was, "Oh, I hope it's a beautiful day today for the sake of the sweet bride and groom." Luckily, wishes do come true. While far from being toasty warm, the day was intermittently sun-splashed.

Don't ask why weddings make me cry, even before the bride walks down the aisle. I guess it's because the couple is just starting out in life and filled with hope, expectation, and new, adoring love. They haven't yet faced life's hardships, disappointments, and sorrows. It's so refreshing to see two people look at each other with deep admiration, excited to begin life as man and wife.

Sure enough, as soon as the organ began playing and the wedding party members in red, deep orange, and dark green dresses started walking down the long aisle of the church, tears welled up in my eyes. Seeing the parents of the bride and groom so happy also tugged at the heartstrings. I had to sniff, sniff, sniff because I made the worst of mistakes--leaving the house without a single tissue to sop up the tears.

I'm always happy when young people decide to say wedding vows in front of friends, family, and society since it's so much easier to just live together without benefit of marriage, as so many couples do. As old-fashioned as it sounds, I'm all for commitment and life-long marriage, despite problems and challenges that will inevitably arise.

At today's reception, set in a lodge above breathtaking views of Pontoosuc Lake in Pittsfield, it was evident a lot of people had taken a great deal of time and effort to make everything look beautiful. Strings of autumn leaves, interspersed with white lights, adorned the edges of the main tables. In the centers of all tables were lighted candles and wrought iron pumpkin cut-outs, surrounded with wreaths of berries in fall colors. Small brown and orange boxes, topped with matching bows, held candies and tea lights.

Seven sparkling chandeliers dazzled above the tables in the reception hall and were reflected in the mirrored walls. Truly, the entire atmosphere made guests feel like they were being entertained in a royal palace.

I wish the young, now married couple the best that life has to offer. May they find happiness all the years of their lives. When the storms of life threaten to rock their stability and composure, I hope the beautiful beginning they had will keep them strong and reliant upon each other as well as upon God.

May He bless them both, always.


Kittie Howard said...

Susan,my friend just left here - we talked about her daughter's wedding next Saturday. And we hoped for all the things you wrote about. How pereciant you are@

Diane said...

HI Susan
I love your blog pages, pictures, colors and everything. Most of all I am so HAPPY you are writing again. Best Wishes, Diane xo

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