Friday, October 16, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Today was a sunsplashed day in New England. Morning temperatures felt chilly but by afternoon I peeled my jacket off like an onion skin.

Best part of the morning was hosting a breakfast for my daughter, Gabriela, and two of her houseguests from Arizona, Kate and Brian. In the quaint town of Stockbridge, stands the Red Lion Inn where I first tasted eggs with chevre and asparagus. The flavor of that dish exploded on my tastebuds and I've been able to recreate a pretty good imitation of the dish at home. In addition to the yummy chevre/asparagus eggs, the guests ate crisp bacon, old-fashioned homefries, warm biscuits, cantelope chunks with lime sugar glaze, grapefruit juice, and coffee.

The breakfast table looked festive with blue and yellow plaid cloth, yellow matelasse placemats, and white plates with blue and yellow floral borders. The company was great and I had a splended time. Hope the guests did, too.

Then came a little exploration enroute to a friend's house in a different town, North Adams. I check out an antiques/used furniture store (Sanford and Kid) that I had never even heard of before and it was a gem. There were many lovely pieces of furniture that I would have bought immediately if the holidays weren't creeping up, right around the corner. Need to restrain myself from making extra expenses until the avalanche of holiday spending is over. I do try to economize and not go overboard but sometimes I don't quite make it. It's just oo tempting to not buy things that I know will make others happy.

The Highland Restaurant in Pittsfield has the most mouth-watering fried scallops you can imagine. I pulled out $15 out of my precious birthday money fund to order a take-out meal and then split it for supper with my husband. Every bite was succulent and delicious. The extra treat was part of my Fabulous Friday!

Capped the day off by asking my husband to put three lighted "plastic" pumpkins out on our front step. Stepping into the chilly night air, I love to go to the end of our sidewalk and look up toward the pumpkin trio.They look like a "chorus" of goblin faces. I'd like to hear them sing!

Fabulous Friday is almost done and now I look forward, with a grateful heart, to tomorrow!

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Diane said...

Great Job on your blog Susan. I enjoyed reading each and every one so far...Keep up the good work. So happy you have time to spend writing it instead of trudging to work everyday...Enjoy your weekend. xo Diane

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