Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pampered Thursday

How often do we have the opportunity to pamper ourselves? I mean a 100% pampering that makes us feel like Queen or King for the day? I'd venture to say, for most of us, the answer is, "Not very often."
Well, for me, today, Thursday, October 15th, was THE DAY!!! I had previously squirreled away my September birthday money by tucking it safely inside a pink envelope. Into a hiding place it went. Little by little, I've been dipping into that envelope to pay for incidentals. Today, I decided, I'd better use some of the birthday money on me, or before I knew it, it'd be completely gone, used, frittered-away.
So off to the hairdresser I went and ordered the works! Wash, cut, style, and tint! Wowsers. I found a great new place on Tyler Street in Pittsfield. The sole proprietor is a new business owner and I love to support new businesses. The owner, Jill, is personable, hard-working, and does a fabulous job. My new "do" makes me feel like a million dollars.
After she finished, I told her we weren't done! I wanted my eyebrows waxed. Yeah. Now I was into full decadence. Of course I let her know how much I like very thin eyebrows. Onto my brows went the warm wax. Then, whooosh-- off came the little pieces of cloth and the result was thin, perfectly shaped eyebrows.
Think that was the end of my pampering? Nosiree. Off I went to my favorite nail salon and asked for a pedicure. This is a fabulous treat because you sit in a chair that massages you all the way up and down your back while the technician works on your toesies. As always, I ordered the water to be hot as I soaked my weary "feetsies" in the basin.
Usually I bring my own nail polish because I like to have the polish in my house in case of knicks, in between pedicures. Because we are so close to Halloween, this time I picked out a flashy orange. The technician, from Vietnam, always does a great job. I absolutely love having pedicures. There's something wonderfully therapeutic about having one's feet massaged. Of course, I love having the toes tended to, also.
After all the toes were finally painted eye-popping orange, another technician, who's an artist, got to work on the tiniest of big toe nails! Yeah! Black nail polish swirls interspersed with gold polish gave the finishing touch to the pedicure.
I carefully slipped on my sandals and walked , smiling, to my car, ignoring the fact that the afternoon temperatures had dropped significantly. My feet were freezing but gorgeous! I was a very happy pampered mama.
Before I went home, there was one more stop in this memorable day. While driving on one of the city streets, I had seen a lighted pumpkin in the window of an antique store that I had not yet explored. Pretty soon, my red Camry was driving right in the direction of that store, instead of home. It was a delightful shop, stuffed to the gills with every kind of treasure imaginable. The favored pumpkin was only five bucks and will join a few other ones on our front porch to spook up each night of October.
So there you have it----a description of my day of pampering. Would I recommend it? You bet I would. And don't forget your orange nailpolish, in the spirit of the season. Pampering brings pure joy and I'd like to do it again tomorrow!

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