Thursday, November 19, 2009

Food For The Soul

Every human being needs food for the body. Otherwise, we would perish.

Well, human beings also need food for the soul, to nourish the spiritual side of us. For me, flowers fit the bill.

No matter how low my spirit is, it can be perked-up with flowers. Even in the dead of winter, fresh blooms can be found. Luckily, attractive flowers can always be bought in supermarkets.

Roses, of course, are among my favorites. I love mixing colors such as yellow with red or white with peach colored roses. They make splendid bouquets for the kitchen or dining room tables or the bathroom counter. Everyone has to use the "necessary" room daily so why not make it lovely?

The picture of the roses at the top of this post came out so good I used it for the computer screen background! Now I can look at gorgeous roses every time I go to work on my blog!

Baby's breath enhances rose bouquets and if I ever find "silk" baby's breath, I'm going to buy a huge bouquet to keep on hand. Honestly, nowadays it's hard to tell silk flowers apart from real ones. ( The Chinese are incredibly inventive people and masterminds at creating startlingly real-looking flowers from silk!)

Carnations last longer than roses and come in various colors. Pink, of course, is my first choice. My all-time favorite lily is the stargazer. The scent is so intoxicating it can fill a room. Gardenias, the flowers of my mother's bridal bouquet, are also very fragrant.

Whenever thrift store shopping, I constantly look for nice vases to use for birthday and other occasion floral bouquets. Have a stash on a pantry shelf at all times.

Today there were two birthdays to celebrate. Both birthday girls received rose bouquets with baby's breath. (One of the bouquets is to the left.)

Of course,a few rose stragglers got "left behind" and look fabulous in my old-fashioned Victorian cut crystal pitcher. Today, my soul is well fed!


Diane said...

Lovely post today Susan. I'm sure everyone who gets a boquet from you is very appreciative. My friend Sandra is a flower-lover too. She always has fresh flowers in her home in almost every room. She grows them herself which is even more astonishing...have a great day. xo Diane

Cheryl Moore said...

Susan, I'm becoming interested in writing, but I'm definitely not a writer yet: I'm still a voracious reader. Now that I have a blog site I've been reading other's blogs and beginning to have a mindset about "What can I blog about?" I need to start keeping an "Idea List". As I read your blog though, one thing that stood out to me (for some unknown reason) is your words "The Dead of Winter" when you talked about there being fresh blooms even in the dead of winter. I thought: "Why is it called 'The Dead of Winter'? Maybe the thought was just "Food for my Soul" as well. Thanks! :)

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