Monday, November 30, 2009

Pink Lah Dee Dah

Saver's is a nationwide thrift store chain that benefits Big Brothers/Big Sisters, an organization that pairs children with adult mentors.

The organization does great work and the Saver's thrift shops are terrific, so that makes for a perfect duo.

A new Saver's, with supermarket proportions, opened recently in a nearby city. It's clean, organized, and makes a great day trip for bargain shoppers.

On a recent excursion there, while perusing the vast array of clean "chotchskes," a little sculpture stopped me in my tracks. Standing on a shelf, among hundreds of other items, she captured my rapt attention.

Dressed completely in pink, including a fluffy wrap around her shoulders, she looked quite splendid. She also wore earrings, a necklace, and pink gloves and shoes. Slender and petite, the sculpture even had a pretty face and was showing a bit of her slender thigh!

Picking her up between my thumb and index finger, I got a closer look. She was absolutely darling.

Automatically, I put her back on the shelf. The last thing in the world I needed was another nick knack. As I walked away, however, I looked back at the sweet lady. Hey. She cost only $2.99 and it would go to charity! Big deal. She seemed to be calling to me. This was not good as my resolve to refrain from buying what I didn't need was definitely melting. Into the shopping cart the little sculpture went.

Now she stands stylishly on a kitchen windowsill, squished between a Mexican ceramic bird and a perpetually dieting white piggy bank.

She almost winks when you walk by her. Who could resist this fancy little showgirl? Not me and I'm glad!


Melissa Lester said...

I have never heard of that store but wish we had one in our area. I'm sure many treasures would want to dance home with me too!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Susan: I know the feeling sometimes they just call your name! I think she is lovely. I love all your home favorites. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that the new week gives you an extra blessing. Martha

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Susan:
She is really cool.
There is a Savers on Imperial Highway in Orange County next to Los Angeles. I can see why you could not pass her up : )
Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!!

Diane said...

I went to Savers but unfortunately nothing struck my fancy...It's great that the profits go to charity...I didn't know that.

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