Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Many Faces of Santa!

Here's a little peek at a small portion of a Santa collection. More down below!

When it comes to collections, count me in!

One of my favorite collections is Santa figures. It started out many years ago when I bought a sweet-faced wooden Santa at a Christmas bazaar. Of course, he needed company so a few more Santas joined him. Then, people started adding to my collection.

Today, there are more Santas in our house than in the North Pole. They come in every size, style, and material. The smallest (except for the ones in the dollhouse), is about an inch tall. It's hard to find a spot that will accommodate so many Father Christmases The primarily wooden Santas all get to stand together on a buffet in the dining room this year, like soldiers in a happy army. Other, bigger Santas, stand around and on top of a table in the hall. One sits in a basket of beautiful greenery on the front porch.
Just like Tiny Tim, in the Christmas Carol, it's "God bless them, every one!" Ho ho ho!


Diane said...

Pretty soon you will need to rent a storage unit for all your collections Susan...good thing you have a big house. I hope Santa is very good to YOU this year. xo Diane

jstechmann said...

I do not know what my sister, Louise, did, but I finally got your blog. Your collection is amazing, just like you. JoAnn

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