Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Dishes!

Many years ago, my late mother and I went on a tour of homes decorated for Christmas.

At the time, we were quite poor so walking through beautiful homes decked-out for the holidays was quite a treat.

In one home, a mansion, actually, the tour guide pointed out Christmas dishes on a huge dining room table. The dishes had a decorated Christmas tree in the middle with wrapped gifts and a teddy bear. My heart just about stopped in my chest. The table looked so magnificent with dishes set against a holiday cloth.

"The woman of the house sets the table every year on November 1 and keeps it set all through the holiday," the tour guide said.

Right then and there, I determined that some day I would have a set of those festive dishes. Little by little, year after year, I collected Nikko Christmas dishes until my collection was complete.

The dishes traveled with us to Arizona where we lived for more than a decade and then came back with us when we returned to the east coast.

Every Christmas our table is set early in the season for friends and family members. Oh boy, do those dishes bring back memories.



Martha's Favorites said...

Wow! I love your dishes. I have cranberry depression glass dishes for Christmas. I never thought of bring them out early. Do you use them every day until Christmas? Your house looks stunning. Love all the Christmas decorations. I am working on changing my diet. Please continue to pray, have not got referral to next test. Blessings, Martha

diane stetson said...

Wow these look great Susan..better than eating on paper plates like I do everyday..ha ha.

SueLovesCherries said...

Hi Susan! I saw your name on Linda's A La Carte blog, and had a little chuckle. Why? Because it's such a small world, or state, that we live in. we both live in Mass., we're both named Susan, and our last names are almost the same - mine is Wickett! What are the chances of that?

Very pretty Christmas decorations! And, I just love your doll collection!

See you around!

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