Monday, December 7, 2009

Hall Table Tableau

Each Christmas, the hall table display undergoes transformation.

This year, the decorations on the hall table are kept to a minimum. There is a small ceramic manger scene bought in Nogales, Mexico. It is set on a cranberry and gold star given to me by my daughter when she traveled to Italy.

Then there are two very precious Santas, gifted to me by my son and his fiance.

A gold-colored deer sits between them. There's also a lovely Yankee candle that fills the hallway with piney fragrance. Yankee Candles are my favorites,followed by (or equal to) Village Candles. Both are highly fragrant.A cheerful Santa sits in a gold sleigh, ready to make his rounds.

We used to have an angel in a gold dress sit at the top of the tree but a pink angel replaced her. Since the original angel had such a pretty face, she's joined the hall table tableau this year.

The hall feels welcoming to friends and family members who will come visiting in the weeks ahead.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I feel like I've "physically" stepped into your front door! The nativity set from Mexico especially captures my eye and interest...I think I can also smell that piney scent! Oh, the power of suggestion!

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