Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Moment of Quiet

Tonight I am writing for this blog in the living room. A fire is crackling in the fireplace. It's quiet and that's the way I want it tonight. Sometimes the yearning for intense peace takes over.

Tonight there's not even any music playing as I write a huge stack of Christmas John Denver's Muppets, no Elvis' Christmas album. Just sweet quiet.
Here's one of two brass deer who prance among the greens on top of the fireplace mantle.

Outside, a thick coating of snow has turned all the trees into objects from wonderland. The air is cold and frosty breath comes out when one breathes. Inside, it's warm and cozy. I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for life and everything in it.

There's so much to do before Christmas. The next few week will be crammed full of things to that need to get done. So tonight, I luxuriate in silence and peace.

This is also the time to wait, in anticipation, for the coming of the Baby Jesus and for the good times to come in the new year.

Despite sorrows and disappointments, life is precious!

(Deer in the evening, taken without a flash.)


Leann said...

Sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

diane stetson said...

I'm home to peace and quiet after a very noisey weekend with grandkids and loads of people. I love the tranquility so much too. Tomorrow rain for the first time is expected and I'm actually looking forward to it. xo Diane

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