Monday, January 25, 2010

Tale of a Little Bear

The little bear wears a white dress with a lacy hem. A red satin bow hangs at her waist. She has white bloomers with an opening at the back for her round, fluffy tail.

Fur surrounds her face and covers her ears. On top of her head is a little round of lace with another red bow in the middle.

The bear's face is wooden and she has a shiny black nose. Eyebrow lines are carved above her big, round, black eyes.

She has jointed arms and legs and wooden paws.

One of the dearest friends in the world gave me this bear many years ago when we lived in the southwest. She said it was a "Reikes" bear. Apparently, the carver of an original lived in Tucson, Arizona. His name? Robert Reikes.

Today, Reikes bears are popular with collectors all over! The bears come in all sizes, styles, and prices. Some cost an arm and a leg!

My Reikes bear has a small paper booklet attached to her arm. Open it up and, in tiny print, it tells how Robert Reikes has "delighted collectors with his unique style of woodcarving...Each creation is carefully carved and beautifully fitted together for a work of art that combines stunning quality and exquisite detail."

Of course, I had no idea my Reikes bear was a coveted collectible! But sure enough, there are hundreds of Reike bears on E-Bay and all over the Internet. If you love bears, check them out.

When we moved back to the east, she was carefully packed and shipped cross-country. Today, she makes her home with us in New England. Looking at her, it's apparently that she's pretty darned cute! Best of all, looking at her makes me think of my beloved friend and that always make me happy!

Do you like bears? Do you know anyone who collects them?


diane stetson said...

I do not know anyone who collects bears but I bet some of your other followers do...I'm not a collector of anything!ha ha. xo

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Di! Maybe you are a collector of music students! Have a great day. Love, Susan

Rebecca said...

What a unique and wonderful face! It sounds like you are quite fortunate to own such an individualized piece of art! Congratulations. I don't collect bears either, but I DO collect a lot of other stuff!

By the way, you are a great encourager. Your comments always come at just the right time to boost my spirits and inspire me to better living :) Thanks!

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Rebecca. You know what? You are a good encourager for me! Isn't that wonderful? What a wonderful blog world! Sincerely, Susan

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