Sunday, January 10, 2010

Try A Little Tenderness

There's one immediate cure to feeling sad and that is to help someone else in any way needed.

It's impossible to remain in a funk when assisting another person. It's really true that when one is giving happiness to others, it's returned in full and then some!

Everyone needs tender care at times, as well as nurturing, and encouragement. If one is the giver of any of those, it makes the person receiving them feel so much better. It makes the person giving feel good, too.

If you are able to have a birthday celebration for someone who wouldn't have one otherwise, do it. Who doesn't like to feel special, loved, and remembered? It can be a simple celebration and does not have to cost much. A homemade cake, a couple of balloons, and a gathering of friends. Everyone sings and the birthday boy or girl feels like queen or king for the day.

Celebrating the birthdays of children in homeless shelters or residents in a nursing home would be a great service. Imagine how special it would be for them to have a homemade cake served on birthday plates with matching napkins. It would take so little effort yet have such a big impact.

It's important to be kind to others but just as important to be kind to one's self! If you are a nurturer, always thinking of others, stop for a minute and think how you can celebrate you! Here are a half dozen ideas:

1) Buy yourself some flowers. Put them in a lovely vase. Enjoy!

2) Buy several votive sized candles and matching red holders. Place them all
around the bathroom. Turn off all the lights and bathe by lighted candlelight.
Pour some lovely bath salts in the water, too. You'll feel so special.

3) Work on a favorite hobby, taking time to truly enjoy what you are doing.

4) If you are a book lover, browse in a used or new bookstore.

5) Ask your mate or friend to go out to breakfast or lunch. It's cheaper than
dinner and will give you a chance to talk, have fun, and have a nice meal.

6) Take a nap. If you are really tired on the weekend, close your bedroom
shades and door. Snuggle underneath the blankets on your bed. Take a well-
deserved nap. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed!

Life is too short to wallow in sadness. Take action to chase it away by helping others as well as being kind to yourself!


Karen Lange said...

Such wonderful ideas:) Thanks for sharing! Thinking I need to put this into practice more often.

Terri Tiffany said...

So true! Life is too short to wallow in sadness. I had a sad year last year and found whenver I focused on someone else--what joy came!

diane stetson said...

When you are weary, Women do get weary, wearing the same shabby dress, When you are weary...try a little tenderness...good ideas Susan!

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