Tuesday, February 2, 2010

White Enamel Cookware...

Scenes from childhood are etched, forever, in our minds.

Like an old-fashioned photograph, all we have to do is think about a certain room or event to bring it into focus.

One of my recollections is my maternal grandmother's kitchen. A native of Poland, she was always cooking something delicious. It might have been stuffed cabbage rolls (golumpki); dough-filled turnovers, boiled, then fried in butter and onions, (pierogi); or homemade beet, tomato, or cabbage soup. Whatever she made tasted delectable.

Grandma's pans were white enamel which, for whatever reason, are almost impossible to find nowadays. There's red or cobalt, yellow and even lime green but my search for white enamel cookware revealed it is almost non-existent. Maybe it's because it is very difficult to keep clean.

But imagine my delight when one of my sisters gave me a decorative kitchen plaque depicting white enamel cookware! It's a slice of life from yesterday, right out of Grandma's kitchen.

It shows a tea kettle, gravy boat, soup pan, and pitcher as well as a container and bowl that might be stoneware. Stems of red berries provide contrast in the art piece.

Art like this comforts since its content jogs the memory. In this case, I can almost smell the cooking and hear my Grandma's voice.

What's one thing you own that reminds you of your childhood?


LDH said...

Good morning, Susan. Oh, you always leave the sweetest comments on my posts! Yes, I love to cook and bake.... and eat. Remember I posted about our family "Greatest Loser Challenge"? We are all still moving downward but guess who is trailing ~ yup. That would be me. Moderation is what I strive for. A small treat here and there. I am actually up 20 lbs. from a year and a half ago. Quite depressing but that is what the challenge is for.

So nice visiting with you today!
Kindly, ldh

Susan Wicker said...

Ohhhhh, Idh, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I can totally identify with the weight challenge. Moderation with sweets does NOT work for me. One bite and I want it all. Sad but true. But I LOVE looking at all the yummies on your blog. You must be a fabulous baker! Sincerely, Susan

Alicia Isaacs said...

Love your post Susan. I have one thing from my childhood that I really cherish. It's a small business plan my dad and I put together to begin a chicken farm when I was in my teens. That was going to be my 1st business venture. It didn't materialize then, but I treasured the memories of it because of that time spent working on this project with my dad.

Oh yes, the sweet tooth. I hear you on that. Since we've changed our diet, it seems to be falling off. At Roxella's birthday party we had store bought cake and it felt like we were eating a bag of sugar. So the change is working. Still have the occasionally ice cream but learning to take small bites and not the whole tub. lol.


Susan Wicker said...

Thank you so much for the compliment, Alicia. Sometimes I wonder if people really read the blog. Do you ever wonder that for yours? I just love writing and I'm so happy to be writing again. Thanks for your visit and comment. Come back often! Sincerely, Susan

Chatty Crone said...

We have another thing in common - my husband is Polish and we had all those foods you talked about - something that is hard to find these days if you don't live in Chicago or New York.

I loved the white enamel - I have never seen that before.

Something that reminds me of the past - my mother was very talented in the craft department - everything was beautiful that she made - and now - it is all here - surrounding me every day. I love it.


Leann said...

Oh what wonderful memories of your Grandma. Did she make halushki too! I make almost everything that you talked about - pure heaven to my family.

Love the enamel ware!


Carolyn said...

Hi Susan,
I love your kitchen plaque and I can see where it would be perfect for you with the childhood memories.
Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog.
Take care,

Karen Lange said...

I love this stuff! It reminds me of my grandmother and great grandmother. Like the speckled blue kitchenware too. Thanks for sharing:)

diane stetson said...

I love the soups Grandma made and I make the same recipies all the time and they are wonderful...Don't have white enamel cookware though like her..I do not have a sweet tooth..I just love two helpings of the MAIN meal..everyone has their own challenges..xo

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Sandie....Oh, isn't that a kicker that your husband is Polish? Oh, that food IS so delicious but pretty fattening, I must say. Sad but true. Still love it, though. Thanks for the visit and comment! Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Now Leann, what is halushki? Maybe I know it by another name. Tell me what it is. I know we had kapusta, too. (cabbage dish). So happy you visited and commented! Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Carolyn...Always, always, always love your blog. And I'm going to wait for news of your photography book! Honest! Also,so happy you visited and commented. Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Oh,thanks, Karen. Love your visits and comments. Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Di...You make great soups, too! MMMMMMMM....I'd like some right now.Must be hungry. ha ha Always, Susan

Alicia Isaacs said...

Sorry for the late response Susan. Yes I know the feeling but sometimes our readers read the info. but does not always leave a comment. We just have to keep encouraging each other and keep doing what we do.

Keep up the great work.


Susan Wicker said...

Hi Alica...Thank you so much for your comment and visit. Never worry about a late response. I always think, better late than never! Will always love to have you visit. Thank you for your sweet compliment. Sincerely, Susan

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