Monday, February 1, 2010

From the Heart of a Friend

(This angel makes hundreds of little rainbows when the sun hits her crystals!)

One can have many acquaintances all through life but true, faithful friends are fewer and farther between.

If one has a friend in whom she can confide and be 100 percent honest with, that's a gift. A genuine friend, who loves you through good and bad times, who will be honest with you yet believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself, is a rare treasure.

Three of my dearest friends all live in Tucson, Arizona. They stuck by me during some pretty dreadful times as well as shared happiness on so many special occasions. We went out to eat together, shopped, shared holidays, and pretty much helped each other for many years. When our family moved away from the southwest, part of my heart remained with my three best buds.

I feel each of those dear women is a kindred spirit. We all still correspond either by phone, e-mail, or snail mail.

"D" and I have exchanged hundreds of cards as well throughout the years. I can't throw a single one of them away because they come from someone so special to me.

We have given each other all kinds of gifts as well. One of my all-time favorites from her is a brass angel with crystals. Placed on the kitchen window, it has some pretty "miraculous" powers. When the sun hits the crystals, hundreds of small rainbows form all over the kitchen walls and appliances. It's like being in some kind of wonderland. Of course, every time it happens, I think of my beloved friend and pray that she is well and happy.

Friendship is such great gift. We are lucky, indeed, if we have a friend to share our joy or console us if our hearts are filled with sorrow.

When a brass and crystal angel covers me with rainbows, I know how lucky I to have the friend who gave her to me!

What do you do for a friend to keep your friendship strong?


Rebecca said...

What a beautiful gift! I really like this "friendship" post. I like to gift my friends with notes and small (thrifted) surprises - cat for the cat lover, books of interest, etc - just for no reason gifts that say, "I'm glad you're my friend." Another friend and I meet at a coffee shop regularly to "debrief".

Your post reminded me just how much I appreciate my friends!

diane stetson said...

Mostly my best friend and I talk on the phone ...we do see eachother at least twice a month. Yesterday we took in a movie and went out to lunch at P.F. Changs....I love my friend of over 30 years...she's so special. xo

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Rebecca....So glad you visited and left a comment. You sound like a very sweet and thoughtful friend to remember others with little gifties. I like to do that, too. Nothing like getting a giftie for no reason! Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Hello Di...So glad you have a special friend. Movie and a dinner with a dear friend sound good to me! Sincerely, Susan

Chatty Crone said...

I love your angel. And I am so glad you have these kindred spirits - 3 - you're blessed. We see hundreds of people in the street, we have fewer acquaintances, about 20-30 people we know well, and just 1 or 2 kindred spirits.

I've been blessed too.

I think being there, being loyal, and listening are key things to being a friend.


Terri Tiffany said...

I have a few really close friends like that too. I left one behind in PA when we moved to florida. We share cards and phone calls all the time and when we go home, she is the first person I go see!
Glad you made it on the treadmill!! I did too today!

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Sandie....I think your keys to friendship are very good, especially the listening. It's so good to have someone to listen to our opinions, problems, joys, etc. Thanks for your visit and comment. Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Terri! Good for you for going on the treaddie. I HATE going on but once I do, I feel great about it. And good afterward. I'm going to do it six times a week! That's my goal....a half hour a day. So glad you stopped by and left a comment, too! Sincerely, Susan

Karen Lange said...

Good friends are such a blessing:) I have friends all over the place and we stay connected in different ways. Which reminds me, I need to write a few:)

Susan Wicker said...

Hello Karen...Glad you stopped by. Hope you wrote to some of your friends! Take care. Sincerely, Susan

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