Monday, March 8, 2010

Hobbies Add to Happiness

It's been awhile since I've posted on my doll collection. As many of you know, collecting dolls is one of my coveted hobbies.

Everyone is different, of course, and that's what makes the world go 'round. Some people can't stand dolls because they say the dolls make them nervous. One person even told me it would scare her to have so many eyes looking at her!

For me, however, dolls are close to my heart. Looking at them really makes me happy.

A very generous fellow doll collector gifted me with this little Asian beauty. She wears a light pink dress and has small, black shoes.

Even though I have shown my African American baby before, here she is again because she's so doggone cute!

Many of the dolls in my collection are dressed in attire reminiscent of the Victorian age. There are lots of frills, lace, ruffles, and flounces! Here's another one of my Victorian beauties.

The next best thing about my doll collection is sharing it with others! So thanks for tuning in today to see the dolls in this post.



Chatty Crone said...

This is one of your God Winks (my blog today).

The dolls are just precious. I know you must enjoy them.

Hobbies that make me happy - blogs, friends, reading, and making cards (kind of like scrapebooking). I'm getting into shopping for bargains, couponing, and tablescapes.

Whew -


Susan said...

Great list, Sandie! I'm going over to your blog right now. Thanks for your visit and your comment. It's always so great to have to stop by! Sincerely, Susan

BECKY said...

Hi Susan! Beautiful dolls! Gosh, your friend Chatty Crone and I have very similar hobbies! I guess I can say writing is a hobby, too. (?) It certainly is my passion!

Rebecca said...

These are wonderful dolls, Susan! I have too many hobbies to list but they include reading, walking, garden walks, housewalks. I collect too many things to list, too! Pianos, sheep, simple oil paintings, decorative tins, etc.

diane stetson said...

I've seen your doll collection..they are all beautiful. I have two from Poland and one ballerina that belonged to my daughter a long time ago. I don't collect anything. My hobby is reading, going to concerts, and aqua aerobics in the summer. Have fun with your "babies"..xo

Susan said...

Hi! Susan this is Susan LOL. Your dolls are beautiful. I love dolls and have a few, I got rid of alot my collection because I do not have the space to store them or display them. We downsized when we moved to SC.
My biggest hobby is my embroidery and crafting. I just don't have alot of time to spend on my hobbies. I work full time.

Susan said...

Dear Becky, Rebecca, Diane, and Susan: So happy you ALL stopped by. Loved reading about YOUR hobbies. Thanks to each of you for commenting, too. I LOVE this blogland! Always, Susan

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

You have the best doll collection, Susan! I adore that first photo, she has such a lovely face and her dress is beautiful. The baby doll has such a sweet face, she makes me smile.

Thanks so much for your visit and your encouraging words! If it ever stops raining here, I'll be able to get started! ha!

Have a lovely week!


Susan said...

Ohhhhh, TIna. THank you SO MUCH for following my blog. I'm absolutely delighted to have you! Also, thanks so much for your visit and your sweet compliments! Hope you come to visit often. Sincerely, Susan

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