Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Surround Yourself with Beauty!

After reading hundreds of decorating books and magazines as well as compiling a veritable library of self-help books, one of the often repeated suggestions is to surround one's self with beauty.

Now that's one order that is not difficult to follow. As a matter of fact, it's one of the best bits of advice I ever read and, believe me, it's an act of love to take it to heart. Perhaps that's why thrift store shopping is so appealing. One never knows what will be found and the financial damage can't be too high. I mean, it's not like going in to a high end store with high price tags.

So, on the first sunny Sunday in quite a spell, my car zipped down the turnpike to a city an hour away to visit one of my favorite thrift stores, Savers Now, I've mentioned Savers on this blog before but it bears repeating. Going there is like stepping into a sweeping thrift store "supermarket."

Everything is neat and clean. Clothing is color coordinated and everything on the numerous household goods racks is sparkling clean and priced to go.

One of my finds was the little brass basket, shown above. It's meant for potpourri but can be used in the front hallway for car keys! It's pretty, useful, and cost less than $4!

Because our kitchen is now blue and yellow, finding these cobalt blue glasses was cause for celebration. They were priced at $1.99 each so I bought all six! They are in perfect condition, nice and big, and a gorgeous color!

Next came a pitcher which spoke of spring. It has flowers on all sides, swirls, and more flowers running all the way down the handle. It was impossible to resist. Perhaps flowers had been delivered in it but it can certainly serve as a nice water pitcher. Here are photos of it from different angles so you can see the pretty designs.

The last time I had to put a hot dish on the table, my supply of trivets had diminished, so it was necessary to use an oven mitt. Consequently, it was great to find this pretty and useful trivet which matches the kitchen's color scheme perfectly.

Also got this candle with a nice design.

And last, but not least, this little napkin holder has a different floral design on each side. It'll be much better than keeping the napkins in a pile on top of the refrigerator!

That trip to Savers resulted in many things with which to surround one's self with beauty and the entire excursion was fun from start to finish!



Chatty Crone said...

You sure did get good deals and great things for your kitchen. I love all the blue details you bought. Love the trivet.

I guess for me - I have made a little place in my home that is just for me. Have it decorated like I want, painted like I want, and have my things where I want! No one can go besides me!


Linda said...

Oh what good deals you got. Very nice pitcher. I have a 'pink' room and I have been having fun putting all the girly things in there I have had stored away for a long time.

Susan said...

Hi Sandie! Hi Linda! So nice to hear from both of you! Thanks for the compliments on my "treasures." Sandie, where in your house is your special place? In a bedroom? Just curious. And Linda, your pink room sounds lovely. Pink is my absolutely favorite color. Will both of you post on your special places sometime? Would love to see them! Sincerely, Susan

diane stetson said...

Hi, My favorite place to go when I want to surround myself with beauty is Dana Point by the matter what time of year it is gorgeous..those waves splashing up against the rocks, peaceful breeze blowing etc. I go there whenever I want to surround myself with God's natural beauty. I'm not home much to enjoy anything where I actually live..ha ha xo

Susan said...

Hi Di...Thanks for your visit and comment. That's good you go to Dana Point, but when you are home, that's a place where you need to surround yourself with beauty, too....even if you are there very little! Think about it. You are WORTH it! Always, Susan

Adrienne said...

My motto is "if it doesn't make you smile it has to go."

I love all your great finds. That trivet is great. I just got a pink one (enamel over metal) at Ross shaped like a big daisy. I might use it for Show and Tell Friday along with my little bird picture from the $$ store.

Ahem - are we going to see this post on Show and Tell Friday???? It would be perfect!!

Anonymous said...

I live for thrift shopping! it's a very economical way to 'fill' and surround yourself with beautiful things!

love your great finds! those blue glasses are beautiful...or should I say BLUE-tiful!! lol

thanks for coming by today! always a pleasure to hear from you!
ciao bella

Rebecca said...

Sweet, my friend! You found some "lovelies"!

It's hard for me to pick the "one thing" of beauty with which I surround myself....Would it be books, the sounds of praise or classical music, or the inexpensive & simple oil paintings that I can't pass up? I really can't decide!

Susan said...

Hi Adrienne...Thanks for the visit and comment. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I'm still so chicken about how to do Show and Tell. You were so good to send all the instructions, too. How do I get up the courage? I'm still contemplating joining the Teacup Tuesday because I have so many beautiful tea cups but, again, I'm sooooo chicken. I know that sounds lame. Sincerely, Susan

Susan said...

Hi Carmelina and Rebecca! Wonderful to have both of you stop by! Sincerely, Susan

Carolyn said...

I agree, we should surround ourselves with beauty!
Great finds.


Susan said...

You DO surround yourself with beauty, Carolyn, and you share it with everyone else on your wonderful blog. So, thank you! Love having you visit and comment. Sincerely, Susan

Adrienne said...

Susan - JUST START AT NUMBER 1 AND GO STEP BY STEP. Ooooops - sorry for shouting. It really is easy.

I sent my phone number. Call and I will walk you gently through it. And I promise not to laugh or yell at you. I am a gentle and patient teacher (unless you tick me off and then I will smack you upside the head.) Ask yourself this - what's the worst thing that could happen? Ummmmmmmmmm ---------nothing. I promise your computer will not explode. M'kay??

Susan said...

Hi Adrienne...You are TOOO kind. Okay. I can't do it now as I'm running to do my water exercise but one day soon I will give it a shot and call you if I run into trouble. You are really, really sweet to offer to do this. And you are funny, too. Sincerely, Susan

BECKY said...

Hi Susan! You and I have such similar ideas! I don't think I can choose just one thing. How about books, candles and wind chimes?

Susan said...

Hi Becky....Books, candles, and wind chimes sound great to me! Thanks so much for stopping by. By the way, have you heard of Yankee Candles? They are so fragrant! I've mentioned them on my blog before and sent a link. They are based in South Deerfield, MA. Great candles! Take care, Sweetie! Sincerely, Susan

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