Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Finery

(This little sweetheart of a doll, all dressed in pink, is ready for Easter!)

As a child, remember singing the song "Easter Parade?"

It started out "In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you'll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade."

Another one remembered from childhood at this time was about Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail! "...hippety hoppety Easter's on its way!"

Sure enough, Easter is almost here. It's been a lot of preparation but well worth every second of work. It will be so wonderful to share with family and friends on Easter Sunday!

The dolly, shown in today's post, all dressed in pink, has a lot of bouncing brown curls and wears a pink bow in her hair, instead of a bonnet. She has the sweetest ever expression and smile on her face.(Click on the picture to the left to see her really close-up!)

She was given to me by a very dear person who knew the dolly would make me very happy because I absolutely love dolls, especially those dressed in pink! My friend recently lost her husband and this will be the very first Easter in decades without him. My heart is sad for her because the pain of losing one's spouse has got to be profuse. On the other hand, I'm happy her husband is at peace and celebrating in the other realm of life this holiday!

Also bringing happiness is the fact that this is my first Easter as a blogger! It's been almost six months since I discovered blogland and it's been a fascinating experience. Getting to know other bloggers has been terrific! Your visits make my day and always bring a smile.

Seeing people choose to Follow and/or comment is, to me, better (and sweeter) than a great big basket of chocolate bunnies! No kidding.

It goes without saying that I wish each of you a very abundant and joy-filled Easter!



Chatty Crone said...

That doll is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I love her.

To tell you the truth I'm glad the kids are on spring break! And I love Easter.

Hope you have great Easter Susan,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the gorgeous doll. Blogging is a way to share friendships and good wishes with people from all over. It's a pleasure to be able to wish you a blessed Easter.

Linda said...

Susan that is a beautiful doll. Happy Easter and I'm ready to return home...I've been in Texas a month and I'm homesick. I've enjoyed my visit with my Mom, but time to head home!

diane stetson said...

I am on VACATION...that is the best part of Easter for me ! Pretty doll but pretty soon I hope you have some pretty grandchildren to show us pictures of ..ha ha xo

Susan said...

I love the doll!! Happy Easter!!

middle child said...

Felt sad and empty after church last night,Good Friday. (which is now called district day at the schools. Makes me angry. But last night I felt as though there was no air, no time or space. Can You imagine if God hadn't sent His only Son to die for our sins? I am sad that my kids have somewhere to go for Easter dinner but am also feeling a loss of family lately. Tomorrow I will REJOICE!!!!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Mom and I visited a Farmer's Market in Amish Country today. We were delighted to see old-fashioned, large chocolate bunnies, as well as other designs. Their prices were reasonable, and we enjoyed this reminder of past Easters.


Jan Cline said...

Oh that's funny about "Easter Parade". I was singing that song this morning. I love that movie. Spiritual significance of Easter is sobering and uplifting. Personal memories are mixed - I remember my mother dressing my sister and I alike in new patten leather shoes and little white gloves. I miss my mom.
Happy Easter

Susan said...

Hello Everybody! Thanks soooooo much for visiting on this busy day. Loved that you came by and commented. It was such fun reading what each of you had to say. Sending out warm greetings to all. Sincerely, Susan

Martha's Favorites said...

Susan: It has been my pleasure getting to know you, sweet lady. Have a blessed Easter! Martha

Susan said...

And the same to you, dear Martha! I continue to pray for your family's needed miracle. Have a peaceful and beautiful Easter. Warmly, Susan

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