Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dreams of a "Some Day" What Not Shop

There are definitely pros and cons to recreational shopping.

Since I do mostly thrift store, estate, and yard sale shopping, it's easy for me to justify going! 

After all, I'm not plunking down hundreds of dollars for "new" merchandise.  However, the con is that I really don't need too much in terms of material goods. Our house has enough of everything, for which I feel very blessed.  Granted, there are not too many "new" things here, but it really doesn't matter to me too much.

The problem is,  if I see something I love while shopping, it's hard to pass it up.  It makes me yearn to have that upscale treasure shop of mine. That's what I'd love to do someday....have my own what not shop.  It could either be online or at a real location. The latter, however, would require rent, more of a time commitment, etc.

In the meantime, however, I have to use extreme discretion about what goes into my shopping cart. I've even had times when I've sworn off recreational shopping but, like any addiction, it's painful to eliminate it entirely

Recently, I allowed myself 10 minutes in one of my favorite thrifties. Now, not much damage could be done in 10 minutes. On the other hands, I found a couple of really sweet treasures in that space of time. If I had my shop, I would have given myself more time to shop for items to sell! ha!

Anyway, I came away with a very nice glass bowl that has its own little feet. It had hardly been used at all and there are now some apples in it. For $4.99, I thought it was a good deal.

Also found a milk glass vase with a hobnail design that will look lovely with a pink or red rose in it. Cost?  99cents!



Linda O'Connell said...

I think it is a fabulous idea. I always go to thrift shops. No matter which town I visit, I must find a "thriftie". The time is ripe for a store. Go for it! I wish you success.

diane stetson said...


Linda said...

Susan I love your finds. That little hobnail vase is soooo cute!!! I just opened my Etsy shop and I'm still hoping for sales. I say go for it, the cost of Etsy is very low. A regular store is much more of a cost and commitment. Think about it and good luck!

Chatty Crone said...

I agree with Linda or there are some places that let you rent a space - like $50 a month - not sure what is best. You have a lot of nice pieces. Love, sandie

Victorian1885 said...

I have often thought about this as well..the rent in a space though may be high if you have few sales in a month. On-line sales is probably better but allot of work as well. I always have good intentions to sell the treasures I find but never the ambition to get listing everything to sell. lol Good luck at whatever you chose to do..

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I always wanted to open my own shop. Maybe us thrifters all have the same problem. I do on line, Ebay. I have tried Etsy but just cannot figure it out to be successful. I don't make lots of money on Ebay, but enough to keep me going to the thrift store and not feel guilty. My Ebay is my junk stuff money. It does take some time however. I try to list one item a day, that helps. Good luck in whatever you decide. Blessings, Martha

Dianne said...

Actually... Opening a shop is a dream of mine and my daughter's. A shop with vintage, handmade and altered home decor items, with a tea table (coffee would be served too) to sit at and talk. She also wants it to have a "kids korner."

Susan said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies. Lots to think about. Have a wonderful Thursday. Sincerely, Susan

LDH said...

I am with you on limiting what I bring into the house as I don't really need any more item for the home. I do get very excited about something special and when it is a great price I usually get it. My nature is not to have too much about me so I prefer less to more in my home. When my home is cluttered my life feels cluttered too.

Rebecca said...

For too long I bought for my "imaginary" shop. I dream of it constantly. I really don't think it is financially feasible. The old library for our small village sits empty next to my house. It pains me not to be able to support my dream and turn it into a shop! I have slowed down considerably in my "recreational" buying (I like that description of yours).

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