Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Rapunzel , Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair"...... Post for THURSDAY, MAY 27

Remember the rather bizarre Grimm's fairy tale, Rapunzel?

It was about a beautiful girl who was kept locked in a doorless tower, deep in the forest. Whenever her wicked female enchantress wanted to visit her, she would yell out, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel , let down your hair" and Rapunzel would lower her hair down from the top of the tower. The enchantress would climb up. ( I always thought how that must have hurt. I mean, wouldn't climbing up someone's long hair pull mercilessly on the scalp?)

Anyway, one day, the king's son was riding through the forest near the tower and saw the enchantress call out and then climb up Rapunzel's hair. Later that evening, the King's son also called out to Rapunzel and climbed up her hair to the top of the tower. (Boy, Rapunzel must have been surprised!)

In the story, she eventually escapes and ends up with the King's son, who, of course, must have been a prince.

One day, while perusing a flea market, I found a magnificent Rapunzel doll with absolutely gorgeous golden curls. She's got the prettiest face imaginable. She has  brown eyes and wears a deep, forest green dress. She's one of the favorite dolls in my collection.




Victorian1885 said...

Hello Susan
Your doll is so pretty..I don't have any character dolls but do remember the story of Rapunzel! Thank you for sharing her with us..


Linda said...

That is a beautiful doll. I love that fairy tale!

Linda O'Connell said...

Your doll is a real doll! I hated the story of Rapunzel. I always thought, if her hair reached to the ground, why did she not tie it to something in the room and ease herself down (no scalp pulling), then, get a rock and 'cut' off her beautiful hair and escape. So I guess that I've had a writer's mind since I was a little girl.

Susan Roux said...

She is so cute! Of course I remember the tale. but I like your version...

Surprised by the prince? Yeah, I'd say yes... (I wonder what they did? That never made it into the fairy tale.)

Anonymous said...
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Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Oh, Susan!
She is a doll!!
(I crack myself up).
I often wondered why, if the sorceress/witch/enchantress was a jealous, mean lady that locked Rapunzel up in the tower in the first place, did Rapunzel let her hair down so the witch could come for a visit?
It's not like they were going to have a nice tea party or anything!
Wouldn't Rapunzel be mad at her for locking her up?
And couldn't Rapunzel tell the difference between the voice of the enchantress and the prince?
Just wonderin'.
Anyway, don't get me thinkin' before coffee! :)
Blessings on your day, sweet friend!
P.S. The w+g above is my daughter's account--I thought you might wonder why someone would call you "sweet friend" if you don't even know who they are :)

Anonymous said...

oh she's beautiful! really and truly beautiful...

i do not have any character dolls...but I always wanted an Anne of Green Gables doll ever since I was little!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Karen Lange said...

I do remember this story. I always liked it and wondered what it would be like to have hair that long:) The doll is pretty; what a find!

diane stetson said...

That was one of my favorite stories of all time. My Mother read it to me over and over again. I used to try to act it out. Lovely Doll..great memories.

Mollye said...

Oh I am glad I visited you today. You gave me a small slice of my childhood as Rapunzel was my favorite fairy tale and the doll is indeed a beauty. Are you still collecting? I keep thinking I want to sell my collection out entirely!

Chatty Crone said...

I don't have a story book doll - but yours is so beautiful! Love her coloring. I do remember the story and being with a nine year old - I've heard it recently! sandie

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by and making comments, you little sweeties. I appreciate each and every one of you! Sincerely, Susan

Darlene Nemeth said...

You`re Rapunzel is very pretty.

I have two beautiful granddaughters who do not want their hair cut because they want it to be as long as Rapunzel`s.

Bye for now, Darlene

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