Thursday, May 6, 2010

New England Wall Hanging

Some paintings just call out to one's inner psyche. The bucolic scene shown here seems reminiscent of New England.


When I first saw the painted print on canvas, I admired it, then left it where it was hanging in the Christmas Tree Shops in Holyoke, MA. A short while later, I went back and reached out for it, but stalled. Again, I walked away. Third time's a charm. I returned to the painting, sighing a sigh of relief that it was still there, and put it into my shopping cart! Talk about decision making, guess I'm not very good at it.

Here are some close ups of the wall art :  


I couldn't detect any artist's signature on this print so, to whoever painted it, I say, "THANK YOU.
You did a wonderful job and I love this new piece of art!"



Susan Roux said...

Glad you're loving your art purchase! Its every artists dream to find buyers who will fall in love with their art... Sorry I can't help you with the artist.

Linda said...

So glad you got your painting! When it calls to you sometimes you just have to listen! I am drawn to flowers and love watercolors.

Chatty Crone said...

Nice artwork - where do you have it in your house now?

I think it is true - it must have been meant to be - 3rd times the charm.

My tastes are eclectic. Go figure . . .


Dianne said...

We have Florida nature scenes in the living room... acrylics, watercolors and pastels...I do pastels myself and living in Florida, the wildlife here are my usual subjects. I also like vintage and antique landscapes. Especially small ones...

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