Friday, May 21, 2010

Victorian Lady Sculpture for Cindy's SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY

Sculptures of Victorian ladies call to me like sirens in the dead of night.

There's something about their beauty, frozen in time, that makes my heart beat just a tad faster.

When I saw the young girl pictured here today, she just about cried out for me to take her home with me. So I did. After such an appeal to the heart, how could I possibly have refused?
Delicate and demure, she fits in perfectly with the Victorian decor in our living room.  I love her rather chiseled nose and kind of serious facial expression. If her outfit were in color, what shade would it be? Maybe turquoise with gold trim?

Perhaps her name is Victoria. Quite prim and proper, she is content being placed near my library books and I'm content with Victoria.

I like to imagine she was fashioned after a real, live young woman. Who was she and where did she live? What was her life like and was she part of some royal family? Was she kind or snooty?  (Oh, I hope she was sweet and darling.)

See how my mind runs? It's kind of like a washing machine, around and around it goes. ha!



Chatty Crone said...

You know you could make up a story about her sometime - what she is thinking and feeling. Who she loves. What has happened in her life ...

She is pretty.


Nancy's Notes said...

Truly awesome! I love your comment about the ladies call to you like sirens in the dead of night! Pretty profound!


Bella said...

Hello Susan... Your lady is stunning! I feel the same way, I love photos of victorian women, those make-up free faces have a raw beauty it just pulls me in. Timeless elegance.

Linda said...

I don't have any statues but I do like this one! So glad you found it!

Anita @ Far Above Rubies said...

She is beautiful for sure! Thanks for stopping by! You have a beautiful blog!!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Susan I love your bust girl...and thank you for coming by and we do like alot of the same things...Now love busts and anything thing Victorian...I just added you to my fellow list so I can come back and visit again...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Olga said...

She is a true beauty. Just gorgeous!

Victorian1885 said...

I love her! What a good find..take care.


Susan said...

Hello Everyone!!!!! Ohhhhh, thanks for stopping by and visiting Victoria (and me!).

WELCOME Gloria and Olga! How wonderful to have you both as Followers. Rhianna and Lloyd, too!

Don't we all have fun in this wonderful blogland? Have a great day, All! Sincerely, Susan

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Victoria's bodice is a deep red velvet with a white lace collar, and she smells of rose water and powder.
She is lovely and so quiet. ;)
My favorite lady figurine is in my Master Bedroom on my Mantle.
She doesn't have a name- maybe you could give her one for me?
You are too cute and I just love your posts and comments!
Blessings to you, Susan, as you make your home today!
P.S. I got your entries for the birdcage, thank you!

diane stetson said...

She looks like someone in a movie I saw!

Rebecca said...

OOOOOOOh, Susan! She's gorgeous. BTW I scrolled through "older posts" until my scrolling finger got tired looking for your mirror over the fireplace. PLEASE tell me the date or send me the link, OK? I'd love to see it.

Leann said...

Great minds think alike. Mine never stops either and I always think my DH is one step behind because of it.

Love your lady!

Susan said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting! Wonderful to have you stop by.

And WELCOME to Wanda Lee, the 85th Follower of Writing Straight from the Heart. Hope you come to visit often, Wanda.

Sincerely, Susan

Mikey said...

She's so pretty! My favorite sculpture is in my flower bed. It is an antique sacred heart Jesus statue I bought at the estate sale of a retired Lutheran bishop. It is about 100 years old and is perfectly mossy and chippy!

Susan said...

Hi Mikey. Thanks for stopping by. WOuld love to see your Sacred Heart Jesus statue! Sincerely, Susan

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