Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring Wreath Makeover Adds a Charming Touch!

Sometimes we just have to "make do" in life, don't you think?

Meandering through a huge crafts supply store (no names, pul-eese), I saw a spring wreath that would look fabulous on our front door.  Looking at the price tag, my eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.
     "YE GODS. Who could ever afford that wreath unless they own a mansion?" I asked myself. No way would that wreath be hung on our door for spring.

     "But wait a minute,"  I thought. Why not try to MAKE a spring wreath?  A stop at another big name store, resulted in finding fat cabbage roses in cream and pink. Perfect!  Back at the house, hanging in the attic, was a grapevine wreath with old, faded silk flowers. Rip, rip, tear, tear and off they came!

The roses got twisted into the grapevines since I don't own a glue gun.  Then came some weather-resistant ribbons and an artist's touch. One of my very talented sisters made a big, fat bow in a short amount of time. I wanted streamers, too, and got them! They flutter with every breeze that comes along!
Now, I have a spring wreath at a fraction of the cost than the one in the crafts store. It's very attractive, too, don't you think?

It definitely adds a touch of spring to our decor.  Where there's a will there's a way.



Linda said...

Let me tell you, yours is prettier then most I've seen in the stores! Love the colors!!

Anonymous said...

that looks terrific! and yes there's always something pretty on my front door too! it's the only way to be! lol,,, am I right!

well done! anytime I can take the thrifty route...I do!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Chatty Crone said...

That was such a great idea - Sometimes I wonder if it is the cost of the time that they put into these over priced items that make them cost so much? They are expensive.

I love it - great job - and that sweet sister made a pretty bow. I like the colors with the color of your door too and I can picture the wind blowing the streamers.


Susan said...

Hi Girls! You know, Sandie? Those streamers DO blow in the wind. I love them. But now that the whole front yard is going to be in red and white flowers, I might have to retire the pinkie wreath and put one up in red and white, to match. We'll see.

Thanks for visiting girls. LOVE having you! Always, Susan

Karen Lange said...

It's beautiful! You are so creative:) The roses look so real. Feels so good to be thrifty, doesn't it?

Dianne said...

It's so beautiful! The roses look very real! I found the little duck teapot on Ebay...

Carolyn said...

It does add a charming touch to your door-good job!

Mollye said...

Love it and nope don't dish the pink just blend all the marvelous colors together for a truly springy look!

Susan said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting, everyone! And Lloyd, welcome as the 82nd Follower!

Hope you all come back to visit soon. Sincerely, Susan

Kansas Amy said...

That's beautiful Susan! Those roses are just perfect! And what is this about you not owning glue gun?!

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