Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring Flowers Renew Hope for Life

At a meeting the other week, one of the fun activities was to paint flower pots. Now I'm not exactly a crafty critter but love to do creative work.

So I kept dipping paintbrushes into different colors and created a flower garden of sorts right on the outside of the pot!
The hosts of the meeting had packages of seeds and a big bag of potting soil, too, so guests could plant whatever they wanted in their newly painted pots. Since I love Cosmos, that's the packet that I chose.
First, I put potting soil into the pot. Then sprinkling the seeds into the pot, I gently covered them with more soil, tapped it down with my index finger, and brought the whole shabang home. I placed the pot on the kitchen window sill after giving the newly planted baby seeds a drink.

The reason I love Cosmos is because they come in such a dazzling array of color. They are the crayons of the plant world.

 Anyway, one morning, about a week after I attended that meeting with the seed planting activity,           I looked at the pot on the windowsill. Yikes! Little seedlings were sticking their skinny heads right up     over the soil. It looked like they were stretching their spaghetti width necks out the window toward the sun!                                                                                                                                           

Did you hear that shrieking where you live? That was me, rejoicing that the planted Cosmos actually
lived! And were growing! Holy jumping jarazzafras, I could hardly believe my eyes!

I told my husband he had to transplant these tender babies somewhere outside. When he does, I'm going to wait for the colorful full grown beauties to say, "Here I am world! Come pick me." Then, I'll run outside with the scissors and a vase. Ya hoo! Planting seeds is a blast!

By the way, I decided this year I wanted flowers in just two colors, red and white. Last year there were all kinds of colored flowers in our front yard. I remember saying how much I'd like to see more coordination.

My husband, (God bless that man),  has already planted the red geraniums, New Guinea impatiens, and one other red flower, verbana. Yesterday, he was out digging again and did two rows of red and white regular impatiens, up and down both sides of the brick walkway leading to our front steps. He also planted some in the circle around the old tree stump. I still mourn the fact we had to have the tree cut down after it died.  Branches kept falling off and filling the front yard with debris.  So, big tree, rest in peace. Your stump is now surrounded by red and white impatiens.

The yard is going to look nice this year and that fills my heart with gratitude.



Linda said...

Well you know I'm new to this gardening stuff so I'm still working on my potted plants on the deck. So far so good. I picked up a couple more pots the other day and I have some seeds I received during the Mother's Day swap and I'm going to plant them tomorrow and hope I get little sprouts and then go from there. Your yard will be spectacular.

Susan said...

Welcome to Rhianna, this blog's new Follower. Hope your day is great! Thanks, Rhianna!

Hi Linda! Hope your day is positive, too. And I wish the same for all visitors today. Sincerely, Susan

diane stetson said...

At school in the science classroom there are tons of potted seeds which the children will see grow. The pre-school also has a "flower garden" out in the back. The children are very excited to see their plants sprout up. Someday I will be able to have time to do this in my own yard..hopefully! Good job to your hubby and you too!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Susan -

Yay! It's exciting when those seedlings sprout. My marigolds will soon need to be transplanted into the garden.

New Guinea Impatiens and geraniums are two of my favorite flowers. Of course, I also like black-eyed Susies, which are my signature flower.

Enjoy your cosmos. :)


Carmelina said...

Hello fellow guitar player...and muscially inclined one!
I must say that your hubby is a great man...doing all that lovely work! I think you should def. keep him! lol

and I like your painted pot....with the stretching necks of growth in it! lol

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Rebecca said...

I was gifted with some cosmos seeds! I'm inspired! As soon as I can bend over w/o the "world spinning", I'm going to get them planted! The pot is beautiful, too!

I'll look forward to watching your red and whites bloom! Great idea.

Chatty Crone said...

You are going to have an awsome looking yard when the flowers grow up. I can just picture them from the pictures on your blog!


Rene @ cottage and vine said...

That will be so pretty when it all fills in. Enjoy watching your garden grow.

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