Monday, August 9, 2010

Castle Details Are A Step Above the Mundane

Imagine living in a castle. 

The photos shown in this post are a continuation of rooms inside of  Wilson Castle in Proctor, Vermont. Two previous posts showed more details.

Waking up with sunlight streaming through stained glass windows, rainbows forming on a sweeping staircase, has got to start one's day in a positive way.

This is an example of  a rounded stained glass window found on either side of the main stained glass at the top of the staircase going to the second floor of the castle. 

No one lives at Wilson Castle anymore but taking a tour of its interior helps a visitor envision what it must have been like in its days of glory.

This piece can be found on a wall in the castle dining room.

An ornate, antique jewelry case holds treasures.                                                   Angels at the top.

Check out these interesting round windows and the large statue on a table:

Decorative pipes and statue above the organ in the music room:                  


Detail of a nearby lamp:

Here's a piece on display in the Art Room :

Opposite the front door of the castle is a stained glass depicting an eye. It was designed to protect all who enter from evil.

This lady is shown on one of the many ornate fireplace tiles:

If you are ever in the vicinity of Proctor, Vermont, and see this sign, be sure to stop and get ready for a visit you will not soon forget:                                                                                                                            



DO YOU HAVE STAINED GLASS IN YOUR DECOR?  DO YOU ENJOY DECORATING WITH STATUES?                                                                                                                                              


Chatty Crone said...

My front door is all lead glass - of course it's clear, but it's beautiful. I do have some small pieces of stained glass in my home too.

The steps - the first picture - reminded me of Gone With the Wind -


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Never heard of this castle in VT! Marvelous!

Who am I and why am I dropping in here? :-) You just commented over on 'The Old Parsonage' blog, on her post on Comment Moderation. You asked how one would put Comment Mod on, if they wanted to or needed to. And I replied there.

But since I don't go back and re-read the comments in another blog. And I figure others don't either... I thought I'd come over here and add it to your Comments.

So... here goes... From a blogger who adores Comment Moderation. ,-)

Susan wondered how to add Comment Moderation, if needed/wanted?

Look at top of your blog page, on the right, for 'Design.' Click 'Design' and up comes a page, where you look for 'Settings' at top left. Click 'Settings' and look for 'Comments.' It's a bit smaller and below where you see 'Settings.' Click 'Comments' and up comes a Settings page, where you can do EVERYTHING your heart desires, to your Comment Settings!!! :-)

And there you have it! Really simple, after one gets used to playing around in Settings. It can be scary at first but.... If I can do it, anyone can! ,-)

Gentle hugs...

Dayle said...

Never been to Vermont, but plan to do so, Lord willing. What a treasure.

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