Tuesday, August 10, 2010

West African Dancers Provide Colorful Entertainment at Ethnic Fair in Western Massachusetts

(Here come members of the Akwaaba Ensemble from Ghana, West Africa, as the show begins. They make everyone feel welcome with warm smiles as they walk among audience members singing.)

When people from different cultures share their dances, food, and music, the result can only be enchanting. When the weather cooperates to near perfection, everyone cannot help but have a great time.

Such was the case at an Ethnic Fair in Pittsfield, a town in Western Massachusetts, this past weekend. 

 A couple blocks of the main street closed to traffic which allowed visitors to walk along the street and sample an amazing variety of food. It also allowed the audience to sit and watch the entertainment . Performers were on  a large,makeshift  stage in the middle of the main street.

It's always worth the drive to attend an Ethnic Fair such as the one shown here. One's cultural horizons definitely expand as people from many different countries share their talents.

Among dancers and musicians sharing the limelight was the Akwaaba Ensemble from Ghana, West Africa.  The music from that nation was quite melodic and pleasant to hear.  Colorful attire,  typical of that part of West Africa, brightened up the stage.

The music definitely livened things up when these two dancers performed native dances.

Their facial expressions were often animated as they whirled, jumped, and burned more calories than one could possibly imagine.

Hope you enjoy these photos of Akwaaba Ensemble. Now, here's a video of them, too! (Or, at least I hope you can see the video. This is the very first time I've ever tried adding a video to the blog. Try clicking on the arrow to the left.  Heeeerrrrreeee goes:) 



diane stetson said...

Wow...amazing...and good job on the video too Susan...wish I could have been there myself!

Bookie said...

Great pictures and video worked for me too! Wish I could move like that--without looking foolish!

Rebecca said...

Hi Susan-thanks for your nice email! I will probably blog my hand collection sometime this winter as I'm trying to blog only outside items right now. I am a collection addict-so you'll see many collections on my Ella Maes Blog. It is nice to meet you and see your blog!


Chatty Crone said...

I have never seen West African Dancers perform.

Man can they move! Wish I could kick my leg up like that! Whew!

How interesting.


Susan said...

Hi Susan!
The video worked for me too. What fantastic pictures. I really love the look on the face of the man dancing in the picture all by himself right before the video. He looks like he's having so much fun and playing with the audience a little bit.

Another great post. I enjoy your blog so much.

Smiles and Happiness to you,

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