Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tag (or Yard, Estate, White and Any Other Colored Elephant Sale) Mania

Okay, okay, here comes the guilt.  I am addicted to yard (tag) (estate) (white or any other color elephant) sales.

Recently, I determined to refrain from  looking in the classified section of the daily paper.  If I did not see the sale ads, how would I know what I was missing?  Enough was enough. There was no more storage in this house for more  "things."   I had not opened an Ebay account where I could sell things. There were no indoor flea markets around here where I could set up a stall for all the newly found treasures.

While reading a different section of the newspaper, I spotted a church festival taking place on Sunday. They advertised all kinds of food, musical entertainment, and, oh NOOOOOO, a white elephant sale. I've gone to this event several years in a row but had forgotten all about the fact it was taking place last weekend.

Right after church, I gently told my husband I had to run out for a very short time and would be back momentarily. Slinking away like a thief in then night, I hit the gas pedal of my car and zoomed right into the parking lot of the church.

Perusing the white elephant tables was pure heaven. Most items had 25 cent labels on them but a couple were 50 cents and a few, stragglers were $1 or more. 

First item that made it into my left elbow crease?  A long Christmas tablecloth in perfect condition (no spots). I found it in a cardboard box on the ground. A good washing and ironing and it'll be good to go in December.  It's the perfect size for the dining room table. The cost was $1. It's going to be so pretty during the holidays with my Christmas tree dishes on it, don't you think?

Then came the green bottle (shown above) with the unique pointed top. Come on, for 50 cents, who could resist? If anything, it'll make a great gift for someone who loves green glass. (Like me?)

Then there was the little amber vase that was perfect to join cousins on the kitchen windowsills this fall. Another 50-center, it wouldn't break the bank.

Best of all were two boxes of tapers in holiday red and green for $1 each. The boxes contained a total of 12  candles. The original prices were intact on each box, namely, $14.99.

 A cardinal tray and decorative plate, intended for someone who loves those red birds , caught my eye and the prices were very, very affordable. Uhhh, make that dirt dog cheap!

Last but not least came some brass drawer pulls, perfect for missing ones on a dresser in one of our bedrooms. Cost? $2.00.

With all the new purchases stuffed safely in a shopping bag, I beat it to the car. Only $8 was missing from my purse. Not bad. Not bad at all for a Sunday afternoon white elephant sale. As for my broken no sale promise, "culpa, culpa, mea culpa."



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love your finds and they are so well priced! I so tell myself I'm not going this week or something like that but then gee I'm right there and so I stop. I am getting better at walking away unless it is a must have and a good price. Must be both. I am seriously out of space until I do some editing, selling, packing up and just plain old organizing!!

BECKY said...

I love all your beautiful finds, but especially the red bird plates! I LOVE cardinals and I LOVE pretty, unique plates!! I really haven't gone to that many tag sales, or consignment shops, etc....until I began meeting lovely bloggers such as YOU and the tea cups ladies and Linda Ala Carte, etc.etc.!! I say...Go For It! :D

Kansas Amy said...

Great finds.. now how did you explain your new stuff to the hubby? Or were you sneaking when your brought in as well? ;) It's all so addictive! Just watch the tv show 'Hoarders' and you will be looking around for things to donate! Works for me every time!

middle child said...

It is my husband who swears me off sales! Then he'll say - When you're out shopping look for,.....
I really want to help you de-clutter your house. I would be happy to take that cardinal plate off your hands. Yeah, I'm nice like that. I do live for bargains. And I get a ton of things we NEED at incredible prices. Ex. mailbox, linens, clothes, etc. So I will never swear off sales. Too bad my husband controls the $$ and is selfish.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Lovely! Who could pass up those prices? And such a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. :) Hope you are having a super Saturday. Tammy

Adrienne said...

I haven't been to a yard sale for years. I like to hit Ross (Dress for Less) for decorative items once in awhile, otherwise I don't buy much of anything - ever.

I've just keep getting rid of things. Yesterday when I was vacuuming, it hit me how a job that should be fairly simple turned into a nightmare because of the "stuff" hampering my progress.

Rebecca said...

I don't go as much as I used to...but church sales always tempt me! You definitely found some lovelies! I have a friend who loves cardinals. I would have snagged those plates. And I'm a sucker for colored glass bottles - especially with stoppers in them. Well done, Susan.

Karen Lange said...

Wonderful finds! Love the bottles.
Have a great weekend,

Kathleen said...

You did well! Great tablecloth! We all make that same promise, and then break it! Loved the little boy and gpa story! When I look at my little boy it is hard to believe that 10 yrs ago he was just getting married and starting a career, and now has given us 4 little gkids to love too!

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