Saturday, September 25, 2010

Through the Eyes of a Child: A Memory of Yesterday

A strange thing happened on the way to a stop light.

A bearded man, with a smile on his face, lovingly held the hand of a little dark-haired boy.  I saw them through the passenger side window of my car as it edged in traffic toward a stop light.

(This is a rose from a bouquet sent to me on my September birthday from my son and his fiance)

The boy glanced up at the man, perhaps his grandfather.  The boy's dark eyes seemed to be filled with love. It was so gratifying to see such a look of adoration on his little face.

My car stopped at the light as the man and boy continued to walk along the sidewalk.  Tears streamed out of my eyes and down my cheeks.  Why in the world was I crying? What was this outburst of powerful emotion from my heart?

Then it came to me.  The little boy reminded me of my own son, now all grown up, living thousands of miles away, and about to get married. Seeing the little boy zoomed me back into yesterday when I held the hand of a little boy with dark eyes.  We had a mutual adoration relationship in those days. 

Where had the years gone?  Where was that sweet little son with the dark, flashing eyes and a smile on his lips? 

The tears continued as the car turned the corner and a little gasp caught in my throat. 

Life goes on and we have to put our memories aside. We have to live in the present and acknowledge that things change. Children grow up and move away. They have their own lives, hopes, and dreams. It just is what it is.

But for that brief moment in time, when I saw the little boy looking up, a smile on his lips, I enjoyed the glimpse into yesterday.



mo said...

Hi Susan, I know what you mean. Our little boys turn into men. I am not sure when though. I blinked and he is a man. I miss the little boy he once was too. We are so lucky to have these memories of our beautiful sons. *hugs*

diane stetson said...

My little boy is all grown up too with two sons of his own now and I can relive the memories through their smiles when they very excidedly call out...Grammie is here..yay!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Yes , I must be sentimental my lip is quivering and my eyes are brimming with tears. My three children are all in college now and I wonder where the time has gone. I wish I could go back for just a day when the four of us would be crammed into a chair reading The Happy Lion or Make Way for Ducklings. Someone use to say to me "Don't blink because their grown before you know it". How true is that?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh yes I am so sentimental! Yep my eyes welled up at this. I get 'hit' by those moments and they take my breath away. Where have the years gone. Sweet memories though.

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh I am tooooo sentimental. I cry at everything like that too and wish to be back when my own little girl used to hold my hand. Now soon I get to see my grandson and cuddle him!

LDH said...

I am sentimental too and often find tears over something I didn't expect. Your story was precious and I can see why it moved your heart. Happy Birthday to you, sweet Susan. The roses from your son and his fiance are so beautiful and thoughtful!

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