Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn: A Time to Rejoice Over Nature's Gifts

Majestic autumn is definitely a favorite month.

There's a tinge of woodsmoke in the air which is cooler and more refreshing than summer's winds.

Wherever you go, beauty greets you. Trees have burst into luscious colors and shimmer in the afternoon sun.

Farm stands are alive with color. Mounds of bright orange pumpkins make selecting the perfect one an absolutely impossible task.

There are scarecrows, bunches of corn husks, bales of straw, and dried corns-on-the-cob, all ready to help a person decorate for fall.

Look at this gorgeous yellow plant. Wouldn't you love to hang it from your porch?

These are absolutely humongous pumpkins. It would be hard to pick up these big boys.

All of the photos shown today were snapped at Whitney's, a bustling farm stand business in Western Massachusetts. They have a really thriving business.

This scene looks like a still life, doesn't it?      


Could this be the perfect pumpkin of the day?

When all is said and done, looking at these pumpkins, two words come to mind, namely, pumpkin pie. Now how many pies do you think you could make from all these pumpkins? Or how many pumpkin muffins? Isn't that a mind-boggling question?




From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Beautiful autumn photos. The one thing I really love about autumn is the cool crisp night air. Great sleeping weather.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The colors of the leaves as they change!! My favorite thing about Fall!

diane stetson said...

I don't have autumn where I live...but the recent rain was wonderful...Lovely pictures of New England in the fall Susan!

Jane said...

Loving the cooler temps that have finally managed to arrive! Good bye to summer - what a hot one it was!


Chatty Crone said...

I feel alive! Sandie

Karen said...

The colors of autumn - are definitely one of my favorites. Enjoyed looking at the wonderful pics.

Linda O'Connell said...

The fall colors and St. Louis temperatures, which can swing three seasons in one day at this time of year. Fall invigorates me. I walk on my lunch our and there is a bounce in my step these days. If I didn't have to return to work, I'd walk and walk and walk. Beautiful photos, Susan.

Bookie said...

These pumpkins are many of them. You can help but feel cheery when you see all that orange!

Claus said...

Well, that Autumn I created from what I have around, has the most wonderful air. The air is different; no longer that much humid from the last remains of the rainy season, yet not all that dry just yet. School is out in middle October, so the environment and the streets around have different "air" to them. You can tell the end of the year is approaching.
And I like to pick up pine cones! :o) available fro free on the ground, right under a big pine tree.
I found a garage sale!!! and wrote about it today at the blog. I thought of you when I found it :o) and was glad to get a couple of pretty neat things.
have a lovely day!!

Susan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susan said...

Welcome to Crystal, this blog's 141st Follower! So happy to have you, Crystal. I hope you stop by often.

Thanks to EVERYONE who visited so far today and for those who commented, too. I appreciate you all so much. Sincerely, Susan

Chatelaine said...

Great shots of the pumpkins! Wow they are huge.
Thanks for visiting my blog and nice to meet a fellow New England blogger.

BECKY said...

Thank you for the beautiufl photos!! My favorite part of autumn? There isn't just one's the cooler temps, the leaves changing colors, the scents in the air, the local craft fairs, the upcoming holidays, etc.!

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