Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pink Glass Piece Catches Afternoon Sun

Since a kitchen remodeling, curtains for the windows have yet to be found.

In a way, allowing light to flood through the panes of glass makes me question whether curtains should be used at all. The windows look bare but nice.

There is a beautiful piece of pink glass with black scrolling hanging in one of the windows. (Full story about it ran in a December 28, 2009 post on this blog.) 

The other day, the afternoon sun must have hit the glass piece directly because it lit up as if someone had flicked on a switch.   What a joy it was to behold.

The front of the glass piece is kind of luminescent.  The kitchen overhead light was on so the piece was lighted from both in front and back. 

It's one of my favorite finds of all time.



LDH said...

I prefer less on my windows to allow as much light as possible to fill our home. I love the pink glass ~ it's beautiful!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I like my kitchen window without curtains! It overlooks my deck garden! That Pink glass is beautiful!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Great pink glass. I prefer to have my windows bare. My house is dark on that side so I need as much light as I can get.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree - leave the window bare and look at that beautiful pink glass. Sandie

Can't See Sheep said...

Depends on the windows as to whether I prefer them with curtains or not. The pink glass you have is absolutely beautiful (I am not a person who is fond of pink, but I think this glass piece of yours is amazing!!!) & it would be a shame to cover it. It would be an inspiring piece to be able to look upon everyday. I'm a stained glass fanatic & find it uplifting, so to speak. Not easy to gaze at it & be melancholy.

What if you put up curtains, lace or whatever you like (some light weight material), but kept the ones on the window with the pink glass to the side, perhaps then it would not feel bare & you would still have your light & the beautiful glass. If you felt the need you could always close them. The right curtains drawn to the side or left to hang at the sides of the window could accent it & make the whole visual stunning. I hope I'm making sense & sorry to drone on. :)

BECKY said...

Oh Susan! That really is a beautiful thing to behold! I say it makes the perfect window valance! I like my kitchen window with less, too. We have the pleated shades that can go up or down, from the top and bottom. All I have above that is a rod sleeve. I'll have to take a picture of it sometime to show you! Thanks for sharing such a unique item!

diane stetson said...

Pretty in pink above the sink!

Jane said...

Beautiful! I personally prefer no curtains, but blinds with large slats instead. Easier to keep clean!


T's Daily Treasures said...

I would definitely say no curtains. I much prefer to see outside. And if you don't need them, why bother. That pink glass is certainly pretty enough.

Great idea for storing pots and pans. My cupboards are a flipping disaster. :/

Our internet wasn't working yesterday but now I'm back. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Susan said...

Welcome to Romulo, from Monterrey, Mexico, this blog's 140th Follower. You are always welcome to stop by, Romulo! Bienvenidos!

Thanks to all for your comments, today, and always. Susan

Leann said...

Ahhh this is just gorgeous. I'm a no curtains kind of gal, but DH wins out with his curtain vote:)


Dayle said...

I like a half-curtain in the kitchen, if anything. Currently that's what I have up top, with a charming framed stained-glass panel letting in light on the bottom. Love the pink glass.

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