Saturday, October 16, 2010

Living with Color

Color has the capability of cheering up a person. Why settle for elephant gray if hippopotamus pink is available? hee hee


Think of how color affects you. Nature is rampant with color. What do you feel when you hold a turquoise robin's egg in your hand?  Besides being smooth to the touch, the color makes a person feel like she is holding a  little piece of sky.

Think of the shiny redness of an apple as you crunch into its juicy middle.

Recall sniffing a yellow daffodil or lavender iris in the spring. How about the scent of red roses?  Would they be as sweet if they came only in black or mustard brown?

While visiting a bakery in a small town this fall, we stopped at an "earthy, crunchy" bakery.  Out in front, plants in bright, colorful containers welcomed visitors.  Their colors could be spotted from our car before we ever ventured out onto the sidewalk. What a warm and heartfelt welcome the plants in the rainbow colored containers gave us. It can work the same way in our homes.

Driving to some outlet stores, a colorful display of fall pumpkins greeted us at the top of the long, steep driveway. It felt like another warn welcome!

If there is a choice between using colors as opposed to drWhile ab shades, I'll always choose color to add a little sizzle to life.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the spots of color like that! It does make me happy and smile! I think it's why I've enjoyed the deck garden so much this year. A feast for my eyes! These days of Fall are always beautiful to me!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Susan, that looks like one honkin' pumpkin. I haven't even seen any around here so far. That hippo is just the cutest thing ever. Outdoors here is drab so inside I use every color imaginable. :) Hope you are having a super Saturday. Best wishes, Tammy

Ciara said...

Oh MY! Are those pumpkins real? They put my little ones in the ha'penny market LOL!!
I do confess to adoring any sea type colours. Whether blues, greens or yes, even greys. :-)

Jane said...

Love your photos! My favorite color around the house is anything that is very vibrant, preferably set against neutral colored walls.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Most shades of purple! I also like yellow and blue. I could never live in a totally monochromatic house. It would squash my creativity.

Susan :)

middle child said...

I'm actually planning to change our music room and do it all in black, white and red. I'd also like to do the kitchen in pale yellow and deep colonial blue. And apparently, since the Hunter is into duck hunting now, I guess our bathroom is to be ducks and,....what?, blue?

Heaven's Walk - said...

Hey Susan! My entire philosophy of living in a world of white indoors is based on me showcasing nature via our big windows. I want the outdoors to be the focal point in our home as much as possible. So my interior colors are creamy white with touches of dark brown, pale pale blue, and just a smidgen of pale rose here and there.

xoxo laurie

Chatty Crone said...


I wrote a post a long time ago about living in color. You feel so alive when color surrounds you - love the pumpkin patch.

I like blue and greens in my house.


diane stetson said...

HI Susan
I love everything white with neutral colored carpeting and anything green or blue...I love neutral shades of furniture too.

BECKY said...

I'm not sure what colors I like the most in my home! I have all kinds!

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