Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Wishes for You!

To all readers of this blog:

Today is Monday, the beginning of a new week of life.

So here are some heartfelt wishes to all readers of this blog.

Sometimes things get a little crazy in our lives. Notices keep flashing of how many days there are until Christmas.  Thanksgiving is so close around the corner we can almost smell the turkey. It's all great but also a little unnerving. So,  to keep things calm and sane, here come the wishes, just for you:

Today, my wish for you is that you have a few moments to sit quietly, peacefully, and leisurely, and take at least three deep, cleansing and relaxing breaths. Know in those moments how splendid it is to be alive.

I wish you more smiles than frowns today.

No matter how many worries you have, I wish that you will let them go, one by one. Every single worry we have gets solved, one way or another. We must be strong during the process.

I wish you delicious coffee (or tea), and the enjoyment of savoring each sip.

If there is no sunshine in the sky today, I wish for it to shine in your heart, instead.

I wish you the knowledge that your children, friends, family, and  special loved one will all be fine today, if you place each of them in the hand of the Creator. He is a faithful God who never abandons His precious children.

I wish you laughter over the littlest things.

Knowing what a special and unique person you are, I wish you acceptance of yourself, just as you are today, right at this moment.

To all bloggers, I wish you several new and faithful Followers today.

To all writers, much inspiration and creativity.

To all mothers, patience with your little ones and the desire to give lots of tender hugs and gentle kisses.

To all fathers, the same for each of you, as well as love and admiration for your spouse.

I wish all negative thoughts be obliterated before they have a chance to form, quickly replaced with positive ones.
I wish you a really marvelous Monday and a good and fruitful week !

Love to all, Susan

P.S. The stained glass piece and amethyst bottles that line the sill in the above window are from the home of a dear friend in the southwest.  I wish her the best of life.



Linda O'Connell said...

Beautiful post, and I wish all these things for you too, Susan. Even when it's gloomy, you radiate sunshine through your blog.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Susan, there you go again, writing straight from the heart! :) A beautiful post! As was yesterday's. God certainly gave you the gift of words and positivity. Thanks for sharing your heart's work with us today. Peace & blessings, Tammy

Claus said...

Such wonderful wishes!! indeed, we often get caught by so many things, we forget about the pretty little things that brings us happiness and peace. Best wishes your way!, for days of calm and tranquility, to enjoy and take in the wonderful memories.
have a great day!!

diane stetson said...

I wish you good health which is life's most precious gift and a very happy Thanksgiving week.

Chatty Crone said...

Susan, thank you so much for all the wonderful wishes you sent me/us. That was so incredibly sweet - just like you.

I wish for you the same.


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