Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thoughts on a Sunday

The Lebanese poet, Kahlil Gibran, said parents give their children "roots and wings."

They also try to give them values and traditions.  Having  been around the block more than a few times (more like a few hundred times),  some things are now very clear.  Having survived many difficulties and deep valleys of despair in life, the realization has come that the greatest gift my own parents gave me was faith.

All the material things don't even begin to compare with the treasure of faith.  When darkness of the soul surrounded me and disappointments seared like a hot branding iron, faith is what pulled me through.

When things seemed hopeless, when the bottom fell out of the ship of life, faith sustained.

Today, when looking at the church of my childhood, there is a feeling of comfort and peace. My parents are gone from this earth now yet their spirits are still very much alive. 

 Their presence is made known when church bells peal, when the choir sings, when the smell of  the incense on the altar drifts into the church pews, and in the flickering of prayer candles.

This Thanksgiving week, when there is so much for which to be thankful, the gift of faith will be at the top of the list.



Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Lovely post, Susan! I so treasure my mother's gift of hope, faith and optimism. She always looks for the upside of any situation and often tells me that "things happen for the best". She's been right 100%!

Have a lovely weekend! Sweet of you to stop by!


Dianne said...

I like that... "roots and wings." My parents believed that I could do anything. Their belief in me taught me that I could.

Forever grounded she will be,
until we giver her wings to set her free.

Bookie said...

Beautifully done and said.

Chatty Crone said...

Quite a fitting topic today. My mother - and we did have some issues - she gave me her faith. She always talked about it - tried to live it - and had it the day she died.

And I think that it's hard to know when to hold on and when to break lose.

I'm glad your parents gave you faith.


Heaven's Walk - said...

No question about it.....strength and faith. My mother has always been a strong-willed, strong minded, and strongly faithed woman. I always wanted to grow up and be just like her. After her stroke 5 years ago, she lost her strength (though her faith still prevails!), and dementia is slowly gaining on her. I will always carry with me the power of being a strong, faithful woman - just like she taught me years ago. :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Susan!

xoxo laurie

nannykim said...

What a great post!! Faith is the richest blessing to pass on.

diane stetson said...

I've received so many gifts from my parents...Faith in God, musical talent,organizational skills,money matter skills,
and lots of love. I,too am grateful for the gift of FAITH this holiday season.

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