Saturday, January 22, 2011

Post for Sunday, January 23, 2011: Artistic Bowl Bites the Dust---Boo Hoo

More than 15 years ago, while shopping in a Savers thrift store in Arizona, I saw three extremely attractive  pottery bowls in three different sizes.

A huge one, a medium sized one, and a small bowl could all be purchased for a total of $19.  Although I didn't have very much money, for that price, the bowls could not be passed-up. They came home with me and I used them for everything from making cakes and pies to mixing meatloaf and marinating chicken wings for  a decade-plus! 

Whoever originally made them did an absolutely fabulous job. The bowls were primarily beige but had variations of that color. They were so attractive that when anyone visiting ever saw them, they always commented on the bowls and inquired where I got them. (Savers Thrift Stores, by the way,  found all over the country, benefit the organization Big Brothers, Big Sisters.)

When we moved from Arizona to the east, the bowls got carefully packed and traveled cross-country with us. For the past seven years, once again they have been in constant use. Once, I accidentally broke the rim of the big one but my handy hubby used something to "glue" it back together. It sufficed and more than a year has gone by since that initial break.

This week, while making cookies for two college students I know, the unfathonable happened. I had the big bowl too close to the edge of the kitchen table and it slid off onto a nearby chair.  As it hit the seat, it cracked into two neat pieces.

I couldn't believe my eyes. My beloved pottery bowl had broken in two!

"Susan," I heard myself say out loud."That bowl has had a good, long run. It's time to give it up."

Carefully picking up the two halves of the bowl, I gently deposited them into the glass recycling basket. Bye bye bowl.  As I walked around the kitchen, I hummed "Taps."

      "Dun tah dun. Dun tah dun......"

Who in the world would, if in her right mind, would feel sad over a pottery bowl? 

     "Me," that's who.  It was a great, artistic  bowl, made by someone with a master's touch.  I loved it and now it's gone forever.  It was part of an entire era that has now disappeared.



MsHo said...

Hi ! You can use the pieces for homes for the sea creatures in an acquarium.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Oh, Susan, I'm sad for you. Could you glue it together and use it in the garden as a planter or birdbath?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Yes I have lost an object that meant a lot. I had a pottery owl that I moved with me for over 30 years and it broke in my last move...made me very was just a tiny thing, but something that had been with me for so many years. I like the idea of gluing the bowl together and making it into a planter.

Bookie said...

Sorry about the pot, Susan!!! Know how that feels...nothing ever replaces some things!

Adrienne said...

I agree with the "other" Susan above. Glue that puppy together and use it for a plant or put it in the garden.

Carolyn said...

Hi Susan,
It is distressing to lose something you love.Yes,I can think of something I loved that accidently went in the giveaway bin and so was lost to me. It was a beautiful little white old fashioned skating dress for my granddaughters and I was so looking forward to the pretty pics I could have got!
I,too am hoping you can retrieve the bowl and use it as a planter.
Thank you once again for all your kind words.


mo said...

Those bowls are terrific. For me it is so hard to break something that I cherish. This is because I think we could have prevented it.

It is only 2 pieces. Perhaps you can fix it and keep it to show fruit in?

Just a thought.


Rebecca said...

I DO feel your pain, Susan. This was a beautiful set!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh you must hate that - so sorry. Is there anyway you can super glue it? Seriously.


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