Friday, February 11, 2011

African Art: Unique and Colorful

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Art objects from different cultures can be very appealing.

While shopping in a discount store, I nearly keeled over when spotting some African figures on a shelf. Picking each one up and looking at it turned out to be a unique experience since each figure had on his or her own outfit and adornments. Not one was the same as the other and they were all only about seven inches tall!

Two mother figures had  children close to them. One of them peeked out from his mother's skirt with a face no bigger than a  little fingernail. 

Tall and slender, the African figures seemed enchanting. It was impossible to buy just one or two so I bought all of them!  After all, how could anyone split up a family?

Guess how much each one cost? One sweet  dollar! How's that for a bargain?

They now line a windowsill in my home office and every time I see them, they make me happy. They are welcome in this American home.

 It would be great to know what tribe or African nation they represent but to find that out would be a rather daunting task. So for now, they are just to be enjoyed!

                DO YOU LIKE ETHNIC ART?


Donnie said...

They are so bright and colorful. Can't believe you got them for $1 each. My brother collects African Masks and has spent hundreds on them.

Chatty Crone said...

You know Linda - I like this very much - but with my life style the reason I don't buy more artwork is that we are trying to downsize and with Kelly and Andy living here they bring stuff in faster then I can get it out.

It is beautiful though.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

These are truly amazing and I think you are so lucky to have found them and for that price. Maybe someone's souvenirs? Thanks for sharing these on JFF! hugs, Linda

Bookie said...

These are extremely interesting finds. Price was sure right. They are something that would have caught my eye too, I think. They could be inspiration for a writing exercise....

Leann said...

You have such and eclectic taste. Love it! And a bargain to boot:)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Claus said...

I shall take pictures of what's at home, and share them with you Susan. There is PLENTY of local pottery, art, weaving...I love it! Guatemala's handicrafts are very colorful, and from a few years, I started liking to include it at home. Not very expensive, and really pretty. So yes, I think I live ethnic art. :o)

Have a lovely weekend!

Karen Lange said...

You always have an eye for a bargain! These are colorful, and intricate, a great find! Have a wonderful weekend,
Karen :)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Morning Susan, My middle daughter collect ethantic art and has a home full of it..I ask her all the time what each piece means..I'm going to send her your link to see yours..she'll love it..Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Susan said...

Hello everyone! I wanted to thank PAM for becoming this blog's 178th Follower. Hope you come to visit often, Pam.

Love having all of you stop by, whether you are a Follower or not! Hugs to all! Susan

Diane said...

I love Ethnic art! I have always been drawn to it since I was a teenager. I love their oil paintings the most. When looking at the oil paintings, you are looking at a story. I love the way the use the oil in their paintings. I'm off to check out the blogs you mentioned in your post. Have a wonderful weekend!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Every one of my walls has something from a different country and culture. Sure wish I could go to Guatemala to pick up something. :) Hope your Friday is a good one. Tammy

Kathy said...

I do! Love their colors and textures! I have a few from when I was a child - we lived in Rio for a couple of years - Navy Brat!

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

It is wonderful to have kept the family together!
I have a neighbor that collects these, too!
I can tell you that she doesn't pay a dollar for them.
You got a steal.
They are so very colorful and interesting!
You find the neatest things!

Dianne said...

They are delightful!

Kansas Amy said...

What a steal! Those are amazing! Great find Susan. (Yes, it was Lisa that passed away... so sad)

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