Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cat Tale

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Once upon time, in the arid southwestern desert of the United States, a litter of  newborn kittens opened their eyes for the first time. The runt of the litter could fit nicely in the palm of one's hand.

After much lobbying on the part of our daughter, our family agreed to adopt the tiny ball of fur . Because of her color, we named her "Honey Cat."

 Throughout all the years of our children's childhood, Honey Cat flourished. She lived both inside and outside the house and truly became a member of our family.

 When she was younger, Honey Cat was quite a huntress and brought home prairie dogs, rabbits, mice, and once, a 12 inch lizard that just about scared the wits out of me.

 She survived coyotes, scorpions,  a snake bite, and 119 degree Arizona  temperatures.   Perhaps, in her cat's  mind, she thought she was Queen of the Desert and was indestructible. That was not too far from the truth!


When we moved to Western Massachusetts, Honey Cat flew cross country with me in a carryall bag under the seat on the airplane. She was a horrendously annoying traveling companion and almost busted out of the carryall, despite having been tranquilized before take off. She made  growling, whining sounds and frantically scratched the top of the carryall for hours. The whole trip was a stressful, nerveracking nightmare for me. Honey Cat, however, could have cared less how she was acting. She just hated flying and let me know it.


Once in Massachusetts, she adjusted quite well to the tremendous temperature changes. She went from the heat of the desert to the "Arctic tundra" of New England without a flick of the whiskers.

All winter long, her favorite spot is the rug in front of the fireplace . Unlike native New Englanders, she doesn't budge outside for the entire winter. 

Once spring arrives, however, she takes over the backyard and guards it with ferocity.  Even neighborhood dogs would not mess with Honey Cat or they'd probably get their ears bitten off.  She's vicious when it comes to protecting her terrain.

Honey Cat is more than 15 years old now. The veterinarian examined her recently and said, " This is a very old cat." ha! Take 15 "human" years and multiply them by seven! That's how old Honey Cat is.

  Our "children" are all grown up and married but still love that cat.

 We don't know how much longer Honey Cat will be with us so  every moment with her is more precious than ever.  But who knows?  She may outlive me!

She truly is one "Honey" of a cat. 



La Tea Dah said...

I already love Honey Cat! She is beautiful and amazing! I can just imagine how stressful that fight with Honey Cat under the seat must have been.

Yes, I believe that cats have nine lives. Our cat had a very traumatic experience that most animals would die from. But he pulled through and has lived happily for many years since. He is quite old by now --- probably near 14 years old --- but he is still a mighty hunter and yet as sweet as can be. He mostly lives outside, which is what he prefers.

Nanniepannie said...

Sweet post, Honey Cat looks like a doll baby and quite the adapter. I've got an old girl myself and she's a treasure as well. Visiting you by way of West Virginia's Treasures.

Susan said...

Honey Cat is precious!! She is a treasure!

Bookie said...

Isn't amazing how close we get to our animals? Some people do not understand. You were lucky to get to have your cat near you on the plane! My only experience was with a small dog and he was traumatized by being carried with the luggage! Never again!

Dayle said...

Honey Cat is such a cutie!

Angela said...

Welcome to Tuesdays' Show & Tail! What a sweet story! Honey Cat sure is beautiful and I like it that she protects your yard from invaders! lol We had a cat that hunted critters and things that lived to be 21! And I'll have to say that we never did take that cat to the vet so it didn't ever get any of the shots that they say they need. I hope that Honey Cat lives to be as old or older! She looks great!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

T's Daily Treasures said...

That Honey Cat is one tough cookie! Jingles turns 7 this month and my husband can't believe we've had her that long. Imagine if the number 15 rolls around. :) Hope all is well. I am so tired and ready to hit the hay. Best wishes, Tammy

diane stetson said...

I had my cat for 18 human years...they can really live to an old age. She was indoors and outdoors but our climate is so mild compared to the winters you have. Glad honeycat stays indoors till spring there. She's like a family member now that your kids are gone.

Life as we know it said...

Honey cat is adorable & she has beautiful markings. What a gem! She looks like she is one tough cookie. lol I had my cat for 18 yrs. she was my pride & joy! She is in kitty heaven now! I hope Honey cat lives a long, happy life! Thanks for sharing :)

Chatty Crone said...

Honey cat is pretty and she is part of the family! I don't think they have nine lives though. I hope he lives a long time though.


The Boston Lady said...

Your Honey Cat is just as lovely as your blog. She is truly a pioneer who lets her feelings be known about air travel - it's kind of how I feel when I have to fly! I had two cats live to be 18 and now have a 13 year old and an 11 year old (cats, that is). My children are grown too, but the family cats and dogs stay in their hearts. Ann P.S. and yes, I believe they do have nine lives - Susie, our black cat, just used up her 7th last week!

LDH said...

LOVE the photo of Honey cat curled up on the chair! We humans sure do love our pets especially when they are as sweet as Honey cat!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Oh, Susan, she's beautiful! My Sarah lived 12 years, and I still think about her. She never liked the carrier either because it meant she was going to the vet. :)


La Tea Dah said...

*Susan, this is off topic because I cannot get blogger to open your email link in your profile. I wanted to tell you about the stool in my Christmas cactus photo. My mother painted it. She and a friend each bought plain wooden stools and enjoyed painting them up in the ME design. The plant is in a wooden bucket, also painted by mom in a complementary design. Thanks for commenting on my blog post. :D

Annesphamily said...

I never met a cat that liked the carrier! Rose pees all over herself when placed inside the carrier and the big boy Boots comes out like "Cujo" baring his teeth and looking for anyone to bite into!
Your Honey Cat is a beauty. I hate thinking about my cats as they age Boots is 12 and Rose 5. But life and death are inevitable. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us. Come visit soon. Anne

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