Monday, April 11, 2011

Sound the Trumpets! Breakfast Is Served

For many years of life, the thought of opening a bed and breakfast establishment seemed appealing.

Decorating, cooking, baking, and setting a beautiful table are all things I love to do. However, I've definitely changed my mind about ever becoming an innkeeper. It would be way too much work and exceedingly time-consuming.

Instead, I host Sunday morning breakfasts very frequently. Regular followers have seen a few  posts on them. Well, here comes another one.

I'm still excited about my "new to me" blue and white English china that used to belong to my godmother. Since it's the Easter season,  Polish Easter eggs take center stage on the table. A multi-colored doily is underneath the glass dish in which they are displayed.

Yesterday, the guest breakfast  menu included omelets made with goat cheese, onions, and mushrooms;  rice and beans with sour cream (Latin American tradition);  crisp bacon; toasted Italian bread; grapes and orange slices with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on them; mango chunks; blueberries; orange juice; and coffee!

As a consumer, I heavily support local supermarkets. There are several and most weeks, I make stops at almost all of them, except when it comes to buying goat cheese (chevre) . It tends to be very expensive.

The only time it's served in omelets around here is when I've been able to take a trip to Trader Joe's in South Hadley, Massachusetts. There, one can get a pretty good sized log of Vermont goat cheese for less than $5! 

So, there you have it----my bed and breakfast offering (minus the bed). 

p.s. You can make any of the photographs bigger by clicking them. Check out the little "bear" bunny's slippers!



Linda O'Connell said...

I would like to make a reservation for the next time I am in New England:) You do a splendid job, Susan.

Susan Roux said...

Lovely table and menu. Sounds scrumptious!

Bookie said...

Beautiful to see! Your dishes look wonderful and the food sounds even better. I too thought of a B and B...but yes they are confining. My sister in law has one in the middle of Kansas. My stronger desire has always been to have a tea room. But they too are loads of work and confining.

Goat cheese...just learning to like it. I have a salad that calls for a wee tad and it is nice change.

One Heart (Marcia) said...

Oh, how lovely, Susan. Everything from the china to those amazing eggs is gorgeous. Breakfast is my favorite meal so I'd be there in a heartbeat.

PS--Love those bunny slippers and yes, I like goat cheese. Oh, and loved your addition to A Few of My Favorite Things. hehehe

Claus said...

pretty table!! I like cheese, but I stick to the "usual" kind. I have heard, though, that goat cheese is strong. Is it?
have a lovely day!

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Pretty post! Love the dishes. I like any kind of cheese! Your reasons for wanting a B&B and not wanting one are my sentiments exactly. Just found your lovely blog via Rose Petals. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
Enjoy your day!

diane stetson said...

I've never had goat cheese...I'm just not a cheese lover at all. Your breakfast looked lovely. I'm sure your guests come often to sample your food and see your table settings!

Susan said...

Welcome to everyone, including Tammy, this blog's 209th Follower!

Hi Tammy! SO happy you are joining us. Hope you have a super day.

Happy Monday to all, Followers and Visitors. Love, Susan

Kay K said...

what a beautiful table ......

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I'll be right over!
And yes, I love goat cheese!

Plush Possum Studio said...

What a lovely way to set a table!
Thank you for sharing this repast. And please pass the goat cheese!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay - now I am telling no writing the truth here.

I can't think of anyone better then you - to start a bed and breakfast. You'd be T Terrific at it.

If I had money I'd start one with you.

That would be so much fun!



Okay, I'm italian..and I guess I'm supposed to like goat cheese..but I don' there! lol

I have those very same cozy home placemats! and I love them...of course mine are stained with a lot of, well....let's just call it 'LIFE'!

you asked me where I've been...and I've just posted the answer on my'll just have to come on by and click on the link to find out....but being a writer yourself...I think you'll be particularly interested and happy for me!

ciao bella

I have missed you too...

Creative Carmelina


oh Yes! I just noticed my CONVERSATIONAL blog link is also on your sidebar! so just click on that! lol

see you Susan!

ciao again

Creative Carmelina

Susan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susan said...

Susan said...
Hi Everybody!

Welcome, welcome to Rose McGuin and Lula Pomme, this blog's 210th and 211th Follower. Ohhhh, hope you both come to visit often, and Tammy,from too.

Thanks to every Follower and visitor for stopping by.Love, Susan

Donna said...

Susan - your table looks BEAUTIFUL! Love the Polish eggs in the center (my dad is Polish!)... Yes, YEAH SPRING! haha For now at least!...Donna

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh Susan, I want to come to your house for breakfas! It is beautiful! I just put out a pitiful looking dish with eggs in it for my centerpiece as my daugther is coming on Thurs. I wish my table looked like yours!

Karen Lange said...

The table is lovely, Susan! They are correct when they say that presentation is everything!

I don't recall if I've had goat cheese or not. I'm thinking not, but am open to trying it.

Have a great week,

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Susan, thank you so much for leaving such thoughtful coments on my blog.I am your newest follower and will drop by often. Great post by the way. Take care......Anu

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Well, your table just looks so lovely with your new/old blue dishes. I also love the selection of fruit you served. We buy the goat cheese at TJ's too.

Susan said...

Welcome to Anu from My Dream Canvas in Seattle, Washington, this blog's 212th Follower. Wonderful to have you, Anu!

Hope everyone had a super day today. Hugs to all. Susan

Betsy said...

Your table is beautiful. If you had a Bed & Breakfast, I'd love to be a guest. I came over to visit from Rose Petals From Heaven.

mo said...

Hi Susan,

Your table is just lovely. I love Trader Joe's too. Especially their flowers.

I am so happy you enjoyed my post today.

Thank you again for your generosity and your




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