Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chocolate Heaven Right Here on Earth


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For most people, what would a holiday be without chocolate?

Easter is a prime example.

Hasn't everyone held a chocolate bunny in hand and bitten first into the ears? 

There's a shop in the Western Massachusetts town of Great Barrington that has honed the art chocolate making to near perfection. We are not talking about normal, run-of-the-mill chocolate but, rather, melt-on-the-tongue and go crazy with delight chocolate. It's called Catherine's Chocolates.
Walking into this shop at Easter time  becomes a powerfully intoxicating experience.

On hand are dozens of chocolates of every imaginable flavor, shape, and size.

There are  beautifully decorated eggs with colorful flowers put together by the owner's niece.

Edible bunnies rule part of the roost. There are peanut butter bunnies; white chocolate bunnies; milk chocolate bunnies; cellophane wrapped bunnies; lolly pop bunnies, and foil wrapped bunnies, to name just a few on hand.

The shop has carrots that children everywhere would go crazy for because they are made out of chocolate.

Inside the delightful shop one will also find Easter baskets galore, filled with more chocolate.

Prefer fudge to chocolates?  There's plenty of that, too. Or how about some jelly beans or candy fruit slices? Both can be found in abundance.

Outside the shop, a giant-sized pink Easter bunny beckons visitors.  After a stop at this little bit of chocolate heaven,  it would be impossible to escape having a happy Easter. 



diane stetson said...

My favorite chocolate dessert is chocolate mint mousse...yum yum! I love dark chocolate the very best ...Andes mints are yummy...Ghiradelli dark chocolate with mint is decadent...well you get the idea!

La Tea Dah said...

Oh wow, those floral Easter eggs are fabulous! Love, love, love!

My favorite chocolate dessert? A dark chocolate & cayenne bar, or chocolate chip cookies, or creamy chocolate pudding. Do I have to choose just one?

Bookie said...

Looks like a "sweet" place to visit! There is no bad chocolate, right?

T's Daily Treasures said...

That is one fantastic chocolate shop and boy oh boy do they do Easter up right. The Easter Bunny was always good to us when we were growing up. In the middle of the nite, he would put an Easter basket at the foot of our bed. Reeses peanut butter cups used to be my favorite but I stopped eating them because of the bad stuff. Now I mostly just go for dark chocolate. But I never pass up some good old fashioned homemade fudge. Yum! Hope you are having a sweet day. :) Tammy

LDH said...

I want a bite of bunny ear right now!

I LOVE the chocolate eggs with the pretty flowers on top. So pretty!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay Susan - now you have gotten to the HEART♥ of things. I LOVE chocolate in any way - shape - or form. That shop looks WONDERFUL! See how excited I am? Love it, sandie

Linda O'Connell said...

Dark chocolate, and did you know that once you bite the ear off a chocolate rabbit, all of the calories fall out?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

This looks like chocolate heaven to me! Oh my! hugs, Linda

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