Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Will the "Real" Impatiens Please Stand Up!

On Monday, June 13, there was a post on this blog about impatiens.

A total of 12  sweet people made comments, which, of course, are cherished.  One,  simply signed "Beth,"  made me bite my lip and move the computer mouse to the accompanying photo.

The comment read:
       "I love impatiens. Unfortunately where I live now they don't flourish as there is not enough
        shade for them.
      Your picture above looks like geraniums. Am I mistaken? I love those too. They do well for
        me and I plant them every year."


I took my dear hub's hand, the REAL gardener, and led him outside to the peppermint candy-looking plant.

     'Honey?" I said, in a rather weak voice. "Are these impatiens or geraniums?"

     "Geraniums," he said. "Why?"

     "Oh no," I cried. "My credibility among gardeners is shot. I used them in a picture on a post about impatiens."  Truthfully, I felt terrible. Like most humans, I hate to make mistakes.

      So the picture of the flowers in today's post are the REAL impatiens that will be planted in the back of the backyard fountain.

     All I kept thinking of was some tv show where the announcer used to say:

     "Will the real (whoever) please stand up!"



      Thanks, Beth. You were absolutely correct.  I appreciated your astute observation.

      As my husband often tells me,
             "Honey, it's good to be humble."  This misidentification of geraniums for impatiens was just like eating a nice big piece of humble pie.

 "Culpa, culpa, mea culpa."



T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha! No one will hold it against you. I did the same thing one time with pansies and petunias. :/ Now that I look at the picture, it is the leaves that tell the story. Yep! Geraniums they are and they don't do well here. I've tried twice. The dust just sticks to their fuzzy leaves and then they dry up and die. Happy planting. Best wishes, Tammy

Leann said...

Too funny - I love the look of geraniums but not the smell so much. Although I've heard they now make ones that have a good smell.

BTW - Root Canal over lunch today! Thank Goodness...


Bookie said...

An impatien by any other name still is pretty to see!!!! Your pictures were so pretty I never noticed!

Dayle said...

Haha! You're too funny. Who hasn't made a mistake like that? I didn't even look closely at the photo in the original post; I just knew I love impatiens, so went right to the comment area. :) As for which I prefer, definitely impatiens.

Claus said...

Hey! it is of wise people to recognize mistakes. We all make them!
I love both, but have a thing for geraniums lately. I seem to have a "green thumb" with them! :o) and so I'm spreading them all over the patio :o) Next Saturday, I have programmed my day in the patio, pruning, cleaning, and of course, spreading more geraniums. Impatiens, in the heavy rainy season, don't do good anyways.
Have a lovely day!

diane stetson said...

I wouldn't know the difference either.I have both in my back yard and love all their blossoms equally. Now Aunt Julie would know each and every plant and flower by name!

Chatty Crone said...

Inpatients - I had never seen the candy striped ones -but they were sure pretty!

Karen Lange said...

And we all make an error now and then! No harm done, and for the record, I make mistakes all the time. :) I can see where the flowers are similar to impatiens and they could be easily confused.

Lovely photos, as always! I enjoy them, their vivid colors and such. SO glad you share so generously with us.

Have a great week,

melody-mae said...

Hi, I stopped by here to congratulate you on your award from Barb at God whispers in my ear. You have a beautiful blog! I like both impatiens and geraniums although I have geraniums here at our place! :)


You are so cute! I still love you..! I didn't see that post...I wonder if I would have noticed it or not....? Impatients are the one flower I always have in my!

Love your 'humble pie...' and we all eat a slice or two of it in our lifetimes!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Emreen said...

We call them chinese balsams in India... !! Glad to know the proper name,... Lovely flowers... I love these..

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