Saturday, August 6, 2011

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are the best.

When the white awnings pop up in a mall parking lot, it's a happy sight.  Underneath the awnings , hard-working farmers sell just about every yummy item under the sun.

At this time of the summer, sweet corn is coming into view.  One farmer's sign read that the cobs had been picked at 6 that morning.  Mmm mmm mmm. Visions of boiled corn, spread with butter and salt, propelled me to buy a half dozen.

How about fresh tomatoes for a perfect summer treat?  Sliced thick with a hunk of mozzarella cheese, chopped basil, and an olive oil drizzle all sound good to me.  No way do winter tomatoes even seem like part of the same family.

One recent day, a table full of lovely flowers, like the ones shown at the top of this post, tempted the eye.  They were so pretty and colorful.

What will this weekend's farmers market bring? Small tender yellow squash?  Glistening blackberries?  Fresh brown eggs with yolks so fresh they are orange instead of yellow?  Well, maybe all of the above and more, much, much more.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

The fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob! I need to find one near me!

Chatty Crone said...

That was magnificent - the flowers were nothing short of perfection. I love the freshness of the Farmer's Market.

T's Daily Treasures said...

No farmers markets around here. There are actually "farms" out in the desert. Not much is grown here ... cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, mint. Most everything is flown in from surrounding countries like Lebanon. When I am at my aunt's in Michigan, I can walk to the the parking lot by the library which is where the farmers market is set up there. A couple of years ago, I bought new potatoes and green beans and cooked them up for dinner. Even bought some flowers for the table. :) I miss that! Hope your day is great. Tammy

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Oh I love going to the farmers market. I try to go every week, sometimes twice a week! The two best so far have been in Fredericksburg, VA and Norwich, VT ~ they were amazing!

Hope you have a lovely day! I'm off to the farmers market in Maine!

irishoma said...

Great photos. I love fresh tomatoes and the sights, sounds, and smells of a farmer's market.

Bookie said...

I have just returned from the city square market with tomatoes, cantaloupes and a small watermelon. To be 106 again today...already we are driven inside, behind drapes, under ac. Blah! Certainly enjoyed the pictures, esp the flowers!!!

diane stetson said...

I haven't been to a farmer's market in years...usually I'm working or they are too far away from me. I do remember my Daddy's garden though....everything tasted so yummy including corn, tomatoes, radishes etc. right off the vine.Yum!

Kit said...

Went this morning to our market and the best part was being with my youngest daughter and fresh green beans. It sure is the hip place to be here in Missoula. Lots of great people watching! Kit

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