Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fragrant Candles

Scented candles add so much loveliness to a home.

Candlelight, itself, helps make a beautiful atmosphere. It's romantic and flattering.  If a woman is wearing rhinestone jewelry of any kind, candlelight makes the pieces sparkle.

If guests arrive unexpectedly, light as many as candles as possible and turn off the lights. That way, any dust will be left unseen.

There are special scents to every season. During the fall, I love orange cinnamon scented candles as well as pumpkin spice. Both Yankee and Village candle companies have variations of these that are quite sumptuous.

However, I've found another great scented candle this fall. Actually, it could be used any time but it seems appropriate for autumn. It's maple nut and it's been driving me nuts. Its sweet and yummy scent fills our hallway and wafts into all the rooms and then up the stairs to the second floor.

Admittedly, a few times I've smelled it, the thought of pancakes came to mind but I haven't made any lately.

The weather yesterday  brought brilliant sunshine, blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and cool air with wind. It was a divine kind of day.

I've been attempting to express more gratitude for even the smallest things.  In addition to picking up some great items to sell on eBay, my hubs and I were invited out to dinner. We had a fabulous meal. Kudos to the cook.  I felt gratitude with every bite.

Once home again,  a warm lap throw, two episodes of the Waltons, and my laptop all garnered deep thanks within my heart.

The maple nut candle filling the house with sweet fragrance was just one more thing for which to be be very, very grateful.



diane stetson said...

I do not have a favorite. Do not use scented candles as I'm always fearful of fire...but yours sounded yummy!

Diane said...

I love the same ones you do and I use the same scents for the fall. I also like pumpkin spice for the fall as well. I don't know why but when I light mine, I have instant energy.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I don't use a lot of scented candles because most of them make me sneeze! But I have a few Yankee Candles that have a really nice cinnamon and spice smell...wonderful!

Kay K said...

I love scented candles as well they do add so much to a home to make it warm, cozy
My favorite fall scents are Baked Hot Apple Pie , Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, Hot Apple betty . these are wonderful scents

T's Daily Treasures said...

Most of the time I use apple cinnamon or vanilla but this time of year, I go for pumpkin spice, nutmeg; right now I have vanilla caramel burning and it smells divine. Happy day to you, Tammy

Retired English Teacher said...

I used to like scented candles, but now they just kind of make me nauseated. I don't know why. I wish they didn't because I enjoyed the pumpkin spice type smells.

Dianne said...

My favorite is vanilla... but during fall I like to switch it up to somthing cinnamony.

Bookie said...

This new candle sounds does two episodes of the Waltons! Nice for you...

Chatty Crone said...

I love scented candles - vanilla would be my favorite - but I have allergies too - so I don't have that many. I have the candles with the little flicker thingy - love, sandie

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