Thursday, October 20, 2011

Images on a Trip Away from Home

Whenever I travel to a new area, it's fun to see houses that appeal to me.

Sometimes, it's almost serendipitous. For example, I've been telling my hubs for quite a few seasons that I really would love to have an arbor in our back yard.  While away recently, I stopped the car to take a picture of this arbor----my someday dream come true.

Hope no one was looking out the window when I snapped this photo from my car.  The gorgeous plants and the way they were arranged just tugged at my heart.

Look at all the potted flowers, too!  I counted at least a dozen of them.

I might someday get the arbor but how about one of these seaside homes?  They probably go for only a  million or more!  But hey, it's fun to look!

Now this scene near the ocean was worth more than a million to me and it was free for the asking.

The water reflected glints of brilliant sunshine which sparkled every time the waves rolled in and out.  I had to squint my eyes as the brightness was so intense.

It was like walking among liquid diamonds. Beauty was everywhere, in every direction.

Sometimes the gifts we are given so freely make us millionaires without bank accounts. For such gifts, I am deeply and humbly grateful.



diane stetson said...

There was a post on facebook by my daughter in law that quoted my two year old grandson saying "even grammie loves me"...Now that made my day!

middle child said...

The gift of these beautiful pictures! I really liked the last one. Thanks for sharing.

Linda O'Connell said...

I enjoyed seeing your photos. Anytime I can escape to the beach, my pulse quickens and my blood pressure goes down :)

Chatty Crone said...

If I know you and I do - your will be getting that arbor - probably sooner then later.

Loved the pictures of the beauty out there - guess that was my latest 'gift'.


T's Daily Treasures said...

I have a feeling hubby will find a way to make you that arbor someday. All those potted plants are so pretty. And the ocean just gorgeous. The honking bouquet of flowers I received today was a very BIG surprise. I told hubby let's not do anything this year. The trips we take are more than enough and we don't need a thing. But he sends me a vase of flowers that are half my size. Thanks for stopping by. Wish you weren't having such problems leaving comments. Best wishes, Tammy

Dayle said...

Your photos are lovely, and I'm certain you will have that arbor some day.

Karen Lange said...

Lovely photos! I enjoy taking your journeys with you this way. :)

Karen Lange said...
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