Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Things Can Cheer Our Hearts

The day began cold, dark, and rainy.

It was hard to get out from under the warm, cozy covers of my bed. 

When I finally got downstairs, there was no more Colombian coffee.

It had been on my grocery list but I hadn't gotten to the supermarket. Bummer.

A zumba dance class I wanted to attend got canceled.

It seemed the day was going south pretty fast.

Then the mailman came and peeking up over the mailbox was a large white envelope. It was a special ordered copy of American Miniaturist magazine.

The entire cover shot plus an article inside was all about work done by Cynthia, a dear blogger who shares a passion for dollhouse miniatures. Her fabulous blog is Cynthia's Cottage Design.

Right behind the white envelope was the Christmas issue of Victoria Magazine, another of my absolute faves.

Those two magazines saved the day!  Let's hear it for the little things of life that cheer our hearts.



Kit said...

Yay for you! Don't you just love Cynthia's designs? And Victoria magazine is enough to pull anyone out of a funk. I was made happy today by getting so much done in my garden that now I do not have to worry about it snowing. All is cleaned up and ready for Ole Man Winter. :) Kit

Chatty Crone said...

I do know what you mean - you can be having a rotten day wondering if the whole day will be like that - then one thing happens to save the day. And I go further to say - if you're not looking for that one little thing (being grateful) you might still miss it. You chose to look at them gratefully.
Sometimes my grandson will say I love you grandma and give me a hug - I love that!

Love, sandie

diane stetson said...

How about our "Happy Medley"..I Want to Be Happy, Put on a Happy Face, Whistle a Happy Tune, Happy Talk, Make Someone Happy and Forget Your Troubles and just Get Happy..singing that this weekend.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I too love it when a new magazine comes in the mail. Its like a little gift each month! right now seeing new photos of Tiger just thrills my heart. I miss that baby and love him so much! hugs, Linda

Dianne said...

Each new day spent with my husband.

Lady Linda said...

Fall makes me happy, but then any holiday and or season does! I just got my Victoria in the mail days ago and haven't had time to read it..maybe tonight?
Lady Linda

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sounds like a perfect day for magazines. Glad Mr. Postman saved the day. Best wishes, Tammy

Linda O'Connell said...

Receiving my stash of Chicken Soup for the Soul books with my story included did the trick for me today.

Carolyn said...

That would make my day too! I didn't get the Victoria yet but I look forward to it's arrival.


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