Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Many Gifts of Autumn

Autumn evokes all kinds of emotions.

First of all, it makes a heart fill with intense gratitude for the gift of sight.

And gratitude for cool, crisp air to breathe.

More gratitude for splendid colors, like sun-filled yellow against a brilliant blue sky.

It's also a season that fills a soul with longing.

One hopes  the sun-filled gorgeous days will stay awhile and not give way to blustery Old Man Winter.

One yearns for the leaves to stay put on the branches so the splendor can continue for as long as possible.

There's a tinge of woodsmoke in the air. Someone's lighted a fireplace. Oh! Cold chilly nights are right around the corner. Good snuggling weather is on its way.

Autumn days make one realize how precious life is.  Trees illuminated with rich and regal colors, shimmering and shaking tenuously on the branches, are gifts, however short lived.

For sure, autumn moves me to tears with its intense beauty. 

Sweet autumn! Stay. Stay as long as possible.

As would have been said in the olden times,

 "I do not wish to bid you adieu."



Hope Filled Living said...

This is beautiful Susan! What great color in your photographs. Great sentiments about the autumn too.

Bookie said...

Lovely the wind blows 40 mph today and leaves torn from limbs. Tomorrow rain...will have to see what autumn looks we have on Thursday!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

You have said it all so beautifully. I really love the cool air and bright blue skies of fall. I also like when the first fire is roaring in the fireplace and I'm sitting watching it with a big bowl of soup. Lovely post!

LDH said...

The trees in my yard and on the street were brightly colored yesterday too and I was only able to get a few photos. The sun was bright and it made the leaves glow. Today it will be rain and then many of the leaves will fall.

I mowed the grass that was partially covered with leaves and thought of the abundance that would soon need to be raked and hauled to the front curb. But not before having the little ones over to jump and play in them :)

Dianne said...

We don't have a very colorful autumn here in Florida, but I am thankful that the oppressive heat and humidity have moved on. Gorgeous photos!

diane stetson said...

We really do not have autumn where I live but I love your pictures. It brings me back to New England where I grew up.

T's Daily Treasures said...

We don't get the beauty that accompanies Autumn, but thankfully we are getting nicer temps. Unfortunately, the past two days have been a bit dusty. And days have been so busy. One more work day and then the weekend. Hope you are having a good one. :) Tammy

Dayle said...

My favorite season, delicious autumn! My favorite thing, so far, was my recent trip with twin sis to the Smoky Mountains.

I've heard the East Coast has incredible autumn colors. One of these years, Lord willing, I'm going to see for myself.

Your photos are beautiful.

Richard Cottrell said...

Oh my dear, our leaves have passed there prime and are now just fallin, fallin, fallin! Thanks for stopping by. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Chatty Crone said...

Nice post Susan and lovely photos. I think for me - I just feel so much more alive in cooler temps. sandie

The French Hutch said...

Your photos are beautiful. You've captured the incredible fall colors we all love. We get our fall colors later so we are just now seeing the colors begin to change. You have a lovely blog.

The French Hutch

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