Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas in the Dollhouse

Decorating one big house for Christmas can be a lot of work.

Decorating two houses is even more labor intensive.

When one of the houses is a dollhouse, it's work that's fun and creative, too.

Every  year at Christmas time, I absolutely cannot wait to start decorating my dollhouse.  This year, there's even a new living room rug, made in France, purchased on a trip to Colorado.

I found it in the gift shop of the Denver Doll and Miniatures Museum!

There's a very pretty Victorian lady of the house, too, and a new lacy coverlet on the bed, both also purchases from our trip at Thanksgiving.

Hope you enjoy the photos of the dollhouse at Christmas as much as I enjoy decorating in miniature.

Here's a peek into the children's  bedroom. Oh, oh, that caged birdie has an unwelcomed visitor who's probably thinking of a nice little snack (with wings).

There's even a tiny dollhouse inside the dollhouse! It has a Christmas tree, too, about a half inch tall!

These were all taken in the living room. See the little Christmas cats? And the teeny tiny manger scene?

The dollhouse kitchen is bright and cheery and has a gingerbread house on the table!



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Marydon said...

I actually bought a doll house to construct, but gave it away. Yours is such a delight to enjoy. You truly have a special touch for decorating. TY for my being able to enjoy yours.

Have a beautiful week ~

PS Pop over for our GIVEAWAY

Elaine said...

Hi Susan! Your dollhouse is amazing! I always dreamed of having one, but I never had the room, which is why my portable one works for me. I LOVE all the pretty details of yours and I can tell you have many hours invested in it. You have a real treasure there!
Can you believe I live in Denver and have never been to that museum?

Creating Wonderful Spaces

LDH said...

I LOVE your doll house! You really have decorated it so lovely. What a joy it must be to you!

Susan said...

Hello Everyone!

Please welcome Sandra, this blog's 254th Follower!

Hope you come by often, Sandra.

And here's hoping everyone reading this has a fabulous and Christmasy week!

Hugs to all, Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

!ell, I declare, you ARE an interior decorator, Susan.

Robin said...

My Dad made me a dollhouse from a kit back in the 80's and I used to deocrate it for all the holidays. It was so much fun but I got tired of having to dust 2 houses! I did move it to FL with me but it's stored away for now. Yours is so cute and I love all your furnishings and accessories.

Robin Flies South

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I would love to decorate a dollhouse for Christmas. The dollhouse is amazing. The attention to detail is fantastic. I love the presents on the stairs. Wonderful post!!

diane stetson said...

Well I hope Santa brings you something for your dollhouse. It is so cute. I know it is even better in person. Have fun with it.

Karen Lange said...

I never have, but I did enjoy playing with the dollhouse my grandparents gave my sister and I. Brings back a lot of memories! Thanks for sharing, Susan!

dollhouses said...

I have a tree and a few outside decorations that get tucked away after New Years every year. I just love all the wreaths at your windows.I'll have to see if I can find some. Your house is certainly an inspiration. Thank-you for sharing.

Chatty Crone said...

Susan - I had no idea that you had a dollhouse - or at least I don't remember it.

Gee you had it decorated so beautifully. My oh my - I am blown out the water.

My mom had a a big beautiful doll house too - she loved it so much and had all the decorations too!


Rebecca said...

Well. What can I say? I want to move in!

You have motivated me, Susan. I have one large and 4 small doll houses. I just don't spend the time I should keeping them "up"...

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Susan,
How enchanting! Love your dollhouse and what's inside is as cute as a button! I always wanted a dollhouse and never had one. You are a lucky girl!

Christmas blessings,

Sharon said...

I love your post about your dollhouse. I also love decorating my dollhouses (2) for Christmas. Please stop by my blog and check out my miniature projects. Look on the bottom right under "labels" and click on miniatures.

Your blog is refreshing!

Annesphamily said...

That is so wonderful! I love those sweet little houses. Thanks for sharing

Rebecca said...

Ha, ha! I see I DID visit this before! Obviously I wasn't TOO motivated. I got one large upstairs decorated in my largest doll house. That's where it stopped.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I LOVE your doll house!!
So pretty and your new Victorian Lady is beautiful!!

I am sure that you have probably stopped by to see mine but if I am mistaken , there is a link on the side bar of Debbie-Dabble to my doll house and the wonderful man who built it for me.
I have mine on a turntable. Bought the hardware at Lowe's and screwed a board on to hold the doll house.


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